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Opinion: A single breath gives a baby rights — is it fair?

In the wake of the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, many hope to protect and expand the rights of unborn babies

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A baby wrapped in a white cloth lays against a cream background.

The Supreme Court abortion ruling overturning Roe v. Wade has many asking what we will do to support mothers and unborn babies and improve child care before and after birth.

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By biological process governed, some say totally by chance, a human zygote becomes implanted in the womb of a woman. Some have said that this tiny mass of tissue is a parasite which feeds upon the host, willing or not, until it is either removed or matures. According to others, the zygote/tissue is totally the property of the woman, being hers to keep or discard at will, without unnecessary or unwanted input from any person (especially any male person) whatsoever.

If by chance, choice or miracle this tissue/parasite/zygote/embryo/fetus/child should be allowed to develop to the point of viability and emerge from the womb to draw a single breath, a marvelous transformation occurs. By virtue of a single breath the entity is now a person, a human being now endowed with all the rights, privileges and potential of life, social reality and citizenship. Suddenly those formerly hostile or ambivalent toward the new person’s continued life are ready to fight like tigers to ensure the continuation of that life regardless of any necessary effort or expense.

And any who care to do so are entitled to their input of how the child should be raised, educated, socialized and acculturated.

Thomas W. Brown

Murray, Utah