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Who is really funding Evan McMullin?

U.S. Senate candidate Evan McMullin is running as an independent. Who is funding his campaign?

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Evan McMullin stands at a podium in front of a large American flag and speaks to supporters in Salt Lake City.

U.S. Senate candidate Evan McMullin speaks to a group of supporters in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2022. McMullin was also joined by Michael Steele, former chairman of the National Republican Committee, and Ben McAdams, a former U.S. congressman.

Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

We came away confused after reading an opinion article by Reps. Chris Stewart, John Curtis and Burgess Owens published by the Deseret News on Sept. 15. In that op-ed, the Republican congressmen claim that independent U.S. Senate candidate Evan McMullin is being “backed and funded by Democrats.” 

There are more than 100 signers of this op-ed (all living in Utah), most of whom are lifelong members of the GOP. We are also contributors and strong supporters of Evan McMullin’s campaign for U.S. Senate. We are here to tell you that Stewart, Curtis and Owens’ original claim was a politically-motivated lie.

McMullin has received no financial support from any party but is backed by Republicans like us, Democrats, independents and members of third parties.

The congressmen point to the Deseret News coverage of the Utah Democratic Party’s State Convention as supposed evidence for their insinuation that McMullin is a Democrat in disguise. But no such evidence exists. Some of us heard McMullin speak at the convention ourselves. McMullin promised that crowd he wouldn’t caucus with Republicans or Democrats if elected. He pledged to be an independent vote at the center of the political fight, and that he will use this leverage not to serve himself or a party, but to serve Utahns. 

The congressmen also attempt to defend incumbent Sen. Mike Lee in their op-ed, pushing back on the label that he is a partisan. Let’s look at the facts. After nearly 12 years in office, Lee has only introduced six pieces of legislation that have become law, and half of them merely named government buildings. He has used most of his time in the Senate dutifully following the orders of his party bosses, voting for the things they want and against the things they don’t, but almost never showing independent leadership to actually deliver for Utahns. 

What the congressmen don’t address about Lee is the millions of dollars he has taken from special interest groups. Lee has taken nearly $4 million from these outside groups. That includes money from Big Pharma, Big Tech, big banks and more. Considering these financial contributions, it’s no surprise that Lee has voted against lowering drug prices and insurance premiums, and against preventing oil companies from price gouging.

McMullin isn’t taking a dime from any of these special interest groups because he knows that’s the only way to stay truly independent and fight for Utah. 

Make no mistake: We are Utah Republicans backing and funding McMullin’s campaign for U.S. Senate. We are part of a coalition of Democrats, Republicans and independents united in our effort to support McMullin, defeat Lee and elect leaders who are accountable to Utahns, not to special interests.

Dr. Glen Mabey lives with his wife and eight kids in Cache Valley, Utah. Signers of this op-ed include the following names:

Allen H. Sain, Angie Carter, Ann Woodbury, Annica Burns, Austin Bankhead, Becky Overacker, Blaine L. Hyde, Bonnie M. Blair, Brandon F. Jones, Bruce Cummings, Carol Jeanne Walters, Carol Levy, Carolee Wright, Carolyn Condie Daly, Carolyn Livingston, Clarence LeRoy Anderson, Clayne W. Robison, Cory Cozzens, Dan Cannon, Daniel Alger, David M Warner, David Suehsdorf, Deborah Kotter Barkley, Denise Catherine Stephens, Dianne Olsen Anderson, Don Harrison, Don Muller, Donald K. Jarvis, Donald Taylor Finlayson, Dorothy Jensen, Dr. Glen Mabey, Dr. James M. Stewart, Dr. Joshua T. Napier, Dr. Nathan C. Dean, Dr. Stephen Trapp, Dr. Steven M. Scott, Elizabeth Muller, Eric Kebker, Fred Martin Strohacker, Gary Jacobson, Gary R. Free, George B. Hofmann III, Gerald T. Snow, Ginger McKenna, Grant Head, Heidi WhiteIan Wade, Jaime Shippen, James L. Bolton, James S. Anderson, Janet Muir, Jean Yvonne McGuire, Jeffery B. Adair, Jeffrey E Booth, Jeffrey Keller, Jemina Keller, Jeri Rasmussen, Jerry Anderson, Joan Haven, Joseph McMurray, Joshua David Parry, Judy Howells, Julie Hansen, Kathryn Paxman, Keri Wright, Kevin Herd, Kymalisa Froelich, Linda D. Bennion, Lisa Wegener, Liz Ence, Luanne Bowler, Margo Edmunds, Mark Lehman, Mark Supiano, Marne B. Isakson, Matt Nelson, Matthew C. DeLong, Maury Giles, Melanie Ulrich, Michelle Cummings, Miriam Eatchel, Nate Rydman, Peter Ashcroft, Randy Jay Green, Ray Palmer, Richard Jensen, Rob Ence, Robert J. Weir, Robert Torgerson, Robyn Anderson, Sharon Greenwood, Sheila Condie Lotz, Stan Ricks, Stephen K. Taylor, Stew Owen, Stewart E. Owen, Susan Bearnson Huff, Susan Stutz Atkin, Sylvia Newman, Terry L. Green and Troy Carter.