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Commenting policies for the Deseret News online community

Thank you for your interest in the Deseret News online community.

This is a forum for thoughtful commentary and civil dialogue intended to enlighten other readers with additional insights or counterpoints.

Community guidelines

We encourage comments that:

  • Promote civil and constructive dialogue.
  • Respect other community members and show empathy.
  • Find common ground with other community members.
  • Are considerate of minors and victims of crime and tragedy.
  • Foster a sense of community.

We will not permit:

  • Hostile, insensitive or sweeping characterizations based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, ability or mental illness.
  • Harassment or threats.
  • Obscenity, vulgarity and profanity (including creative swearing or expletives with letters followed by dashes or other symbols).
  • Insensitivity to tragedy and death.
  • Personal attacks.
  • Plagiarism.
  • Unconfirmed claims, unfair speculation or rumors.
  • Commercial or employment promotion, solicitation or requests for donations.

Other considerations

  • Sports: We realize that banter is part of the game. Just don’t get personal.
  • Political figures: Criticism of elected officials is part of democracy. Find a way to disagree without being disagreeable.
  • Public figures and celebrities: People in the spotlight are subject to more scrutiny than private citizens.
  • High school athletes: We will be more strict about comments and criticism involving minors.
  • Deseret News staff: We welcome genuine criticism and feedback. Criticize the reporting, not the reporter.
  • Other commenters: If you call commenters derogatory names, your comment will be deleted.


The Deseret News will exercise sole discretion on whether a comment violates our code of conduct. While we’re happy to respond to sincere (and civil) questions about our policies, we may be unable to answer specific questions about why a particular comment was rejected. 

If you have a question, you may want to start by reading our Q&A.

We are interested in your suggestions for improving our comment section experience. 

If your question wasn’t addressed or you want to share feedback, you can reach us by email at

Last revised: Nov. 18, 2021