Deseret News Logo

Changes over time

The Deseret News logo or nameplate has undergone many changes during its 17 decades of publication. Varying styles have been introduced and replaced over the years, including several iterations of the beehive.

A new Deseret News nameplate was introduced in August 2019 alongside a redesigned Deseret News website and the new domain,

The new Deseret News logo.
Deseret News Publishing Company

This design combines elements of previous Deseret News nameplates and adds some modern flourishes. Designed by boncom, the new nameplate is used on the Deseret News website and app, while the previous iteration continues to be used in the daily newspaper.

From 1850 to today

The Didot-inspired typeface of the 1850s Deseret News nameplate was typified by combining thick and thin lines along with serifs.


A typical 19th century design convention, a period followed the newspaper’s name and other elements on the front page. The Deseret News used the period for 100 years, laying it aside following a design overhaul in 1950. The New York Times, founded in 1851, didn’t jettison its period until 1967. The Wall Street Journal has used the period in its nameplate continuously since its founding in 1889.

Brand guide

Primary logo

The primary logo is black with a yellow period. The logo may be used in other combinations of colors from the approved color palette. The Beehive should remain the same color as the wordmark. The period should be a contrasting color to the rest of the wordmark.

The Beehive

Similar rules apply in the color variations of the beehive.

Deseret News beehive logo element.
Deseret News secondary logo: the beehive.

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