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The 50th and final story in this series is the reporter’s own, and it includes his new sidekick: a 5-month-old border collie.
A nurse at the University of Utah spends a shift getting ready for what may lie ahead.
He’s in Malaysia. She’s in Australia. Here’s how they’re making their relationship work during the pandemic.
This mom was stunned when a doctor urged her to have her daughter tested for the novel coronavirus.
Ed Yong, a science writer at The Atlantic, tries to make sense of the pandemic for nonscientists.
In downtown Salt Lake, a hodgepodge of shops and businesses weather the pandemic’s disruption.
A postal worker contracted COVID-19 and landed in the hospital. Three months later, he’s still finding his footing.
A Utah family tries to celebrate a life well-lived from a distance, but finds the Facebook funeral wanting.
A young dental assistant feels the range of emotions brought about by the pandemic — and faces its dangers.
Surveying the void caused by the coronavirus pandemic, this bookseller is unsure how much longer he can hold on.
A speaker, writer and influencer balances her aesthetic of optimism against the challenges of the pandemic.
At an Antarctic research station, expeditioners watch anxiously as the pandemic unfolds back home.
As the pandemic creeps across New York City, a young woman embarks on a first date and a chance at more
The lead singer of an Irish indie-rock group brings people together with a song — and an unfortunate band name.
Judge Jim Gray seeks the Libertarian presidential nomination from the shoeless comfort of his kitchen table
A CNN media critic tries to keep his ‘head on straight’ and separate fact from fiction in an unforgettable news cycle.
An aspiring music therapist came to Utah to finish her master’s degree and bring healing. Then COVID-19 struck.
Zach Troyer prepares for an annual lawnmower race in a place where COVID-19 seems almost nonexistent.
Isolated in a hospital, a veteran firefighter on a South Florida COVID unit takes a call that hits like a gut punch.
Outfitted with masks and hand sanitizer, an organizer protests the death of George Floyd in police custody.
In the Philippines, a college student on hiatus turns from video games to productivity, then existential doubt.
Her industry is collapsing. Does she move on in search of financial stability or cling to her dream?
A former wrestling superstar, now Libertarian mayor, wrestles the virus and his own beliefs about government.