While the path forward as the war drags on is uncertain, Ukrainians have never been more sure of their identity.
We propose adding a new axis to the political models that Americans use to assess would-be leaders.
The ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court does not ban IVF. But it rightly demands that we respect human lives put on ice.
With child maltreatment cases rising, the federal agency tasked with the welfare of children must return to its core mission.
Take a deep breath, America. Politics isn’t identity.
What we need even more than civility or bipartisanship in our politics is a commitment to disagree differently.
A controversial funeral at a New York cathedral shows why we need sacred spaces and what they demand of us.
A recent article bemoaned the rapid growth of Christian music on the radio, but this is good news for people of faith.
That animating spirit of the Constitution is every bit as vital to its preservation today as it was in the summer of 1787.
The immigration crisis has reached a tipping point. Fixing it isn’t as hard as it seems.
With a new bill before the Legislature, Utah can take one small step toward ensuring the American Dream.
Not only is it a lazy way to create character development, it’s completely unnecessary.
A look at what society can do to help marriages thrive.
In a day when romantic love feels elusive, threatening and hurtful, it’s time for happy couples to become walking, talking symbols of marital hope to children, neighbors and our communities at large.
We don’t agree on everything but the country is an indispensable ally of the United States.
Most men aren’t forming deep friendships like women are. A holiday for men to celebrate their male friendships could help.
It’s time to hold NFL players accountable for bad behavior.
Tough love isn’t the solution for crying TikTokkers. So what is?
In opposing the immigration bill, Republicans jeopardize the GOP’s reputation as the party most willing to defend our allies.
For the last half-century, American politics has been defined on a left and right spectrum. What if it’s a myth?
Homeira Quderi, an author now living in the U.S., wants colleges to open their doors to refugees, especially young women.
Trailblazers are always under scrutiny, like a specimen in a petri dish. But they didn’t get to their position by being weak.
Yes, the U.S. made mistakes in the 1990s. But the war in Ukraine is not a one-sided tragedy.
Passing on your politics to your children may be harder if they’re girls.
We have a rule in our house: We don’t allow sleepovers.
Last year, Om Moses Gandhi was brutally murdered by his father during a custody dispute. Now a bill referred to as Om’s Law could help other kids.
America has a robust safety net, but some people still say neglectful parents just need more money.
I was sworn into the Utah House of Representatives on Monday, Jan. 31, 2011. Three days later, on Feb. 3, our baby, Angelia, died.
People of faith must recognize and transcend historical patterns of violence.
Defaults determine behavior, even at the ballot box
African American inventors have touched our lives with their genius.
Until a few decades ago, most Democrats did not hate Republicans, and most Republicans did not hate Democrats.
From Disney to Taylor Swift, Republicans are going up against beloved cultural icons. This never ends well.
Social connections are increasingly as important as pay to younger workers.
While born of troubling societal trends, the man camp is helping men become stronger — while making friends.
In the dead of winter, waking before the sun can feel cursed. However, first tracks in the glow of sunrise can lift a person.
Schools across the nation are struggling with absenteeism. Ohio is even considering paying kids to show up.
A constitutional standoff has immense implications for the nation.
Why it’s possible and important to respect the integrity of people with very different views of the pandemic response.
American legal scholar Martha Minow on true conflict resolution.
Children left to choose among competing ideas effectively allows what is most popular and pervasive to socialize them about what is most important.
Sports Illustrated, the venerable 70-year-old institution, is dying. Here’s what happened.
The court owes the country clarity in matters of gender identity.
In this fractured world, talk of love and belonging is exactly what we need.
A formula for saving America from itself.
Budgets for humanities programs are being cut in universities across the country. Are humanities degrees worth the cost?
If politeness and manners can mask ill intent, what is true civility and why does it matter?