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Amid increasing hostility to the offer of prayer, we should remember its power and the good will behind it.
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Between Reagan and Obama, support for ‘Chevron deference’ changed. Now it’s back before a conservative Supreme Court in Loper Bright v. Raimondo.
Strategic decisions must be made about Utah’s land and water.
Deer are not forest royalty, meant to be respected and protected. Deer are invaders and tomato thieves.
Communities of single mothers may solve some problems of child rearing, but they generate others.
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It’s not impossible to restore trust, but it requires sacrifice. Words may not be enough.
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I always wanted to be a mom, but it sure turned out a lot differently than I originally thought.
Mothers are the angels in the wilderness around us, and our children depend on them — as does the world.
With advances in technology, we need a new legal approach to parenting and surrogacy.
In this age of tension and polarization, we should strive for more events that require absurd headwear.
Margaret’s lack of religious formation, unusual in 1970, is increasingly normal today.
Yes, some people mocked the pomp and circumstance. But the rituals and symbolism present in the ceremony are important to people of faith.
We have work to do in order to make Joe Biden a one-term president, but Republicans are prepared for this moment.
Ethics is the art and discipline of discerning the right, the good and the fitting action to take and having the creativity and courage to do it.
Maybe it’s better to be lucky than good. Biden and the Democrats may be both.
Like Howard Thurman, find people who will hold a crown above your head and encourage you to grow into it.
I recently found myself staring at my face — on someone else. How likely are you to find your look-alike?
Both conservatives and liberals think they are under attack. This distracts us from the conversations we should be having.
The long history of hatred gets lost when everything is reduced to lessons on how to be kind.
To be more present at home, some parents have to settle for jobs in which they are easily replaceable.
Humans have been documenting ourselves for as long as we’ve had the ability to do so.
The claim starts with a single 2009 study about “subscriptions,” but that’s not where it should end.
With his Fox News exit, life advice from Carlson has been circulating online this week. Young Americans, in particular, should take note.
Proposals to rescue illiberal college campuses will do little if America’s undergraduates want censorship.
Far from being a celebration of the ‘ally of the people,’ the annual event showcases why politicians and media are called ‘cultural elites.’