With abortion on demand, cohabitation, single parenthood and child poverty have increased.
The core “social identity” of believers influences whether saints stand fast in the faith.
Slowing the momentum of 40 years of rising health care costs won’t come easily, and it will require public and private players patiently working on solutions.
Evil grows and spreads like a virus when we intentionally look away. Love is our immunity.
Planning for joy can make us attentive to how we can better prep for future gatherings.
Student debt is a problem with deep roots. Lawmakers shouldn’t just snip the stems.
‘Inclusive’ terms reduce women to the sum of their parts, and some people seem to have internalized that messaging.
Even before the baby boomers grew up, the conservative thinker called out the mistakes of their parents.
An expanded child tax credit would support parents in a way that values both work and marriage.
Critics say the Supreme Court is filled with political actors. The critics are wrong, and they’re damaging our democracy.
A family of 8 ran a marathon together. Is that a bigger problem than the nation’s obesity rate among children?
Decisions to overturn precedent pose a quandary for conservative justices.
Our society is troubled beyond measure if lawmakers don’t step in and get answers for parents.
An incident of anti-Asian hate speech at a California college shows that justice is important. But so is healing.
In a culture where ‘old’ is bad, how can we learn to embrace aging?
Since its inception, people have wanted to do away with the holiday — even the founder. But it’s worth saving.
The language of hurt is more prevalent in our society, but it’s wrong to use excessive hyperbole.
Pregnancy, childbirth and recovery are not gender-neutral processes. Leave policies shouldn’t be either.
Observances in Israel this week remind the world of its post-Holocaust promise and what it means for Ukraine.
The forthcoming decision on Roe v. Wade represents an opportunity to rebuild a culture of life.
Leaking any Supreme Court case is unprecedented. But having the most important case in half a century escape early is corrosive to the nation’s highest court.
Having kids has made exploring the outdoors, well, different
A busy social life does not offer comfort and support late in life — or during a pandemic.
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The violent death of Rex Lee Sr. split St. Johns, Arizona, in two. The town is trying to move on.
Katrina Lantos Swett, a Jewish child of Holocaust survivors, human rights advocate, Democrat and Latter-day Saint, invites everyone to make more seats at the table.
Whiting guided the Burley Bobcats to a state championship in 2022 and she has established a reputation for the way she develops players and maximizes their talents
Amari Whiting is committed to play collegiately for the Oregon Ducks and is one of the top high school recruits in the U.S.
The diatribe, allegedly written by Payton Gendron, referenced an idea that has percolated as America’s demographics change.
I didn’t hear a speech or listen to a choir, but I was moved and inspired.
The show brings Michelangelo’s masterpieces to eye-level — perfect if all you want from them is a selfie.
The late BYU professor Todd Britsch had a far-reaching effect on his students — and even the National Tropical Botanical Garden benefited from his work
Investors buying up homes threaten to create a society of propertyless serfs unless we make changes now.
How the city navigates the next decade may chart a future for not only the gulf, but the broader Middle East.
We don’t need a “Democrat-lite” version of “Build Back Better” from Republican leaders.
We are failing families when parents can’t find formula for their infants. Why isn’t this major news?
Artificial intelligence holds promise, but also potential risks for religious freedom.
With Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, some people are returning to the platform, which can be used as a tool for good.
‘Avengers, assemble!’ is more than a catchy movie line. The actor has ardent defenders, for good reason.
Too much real-life anger comes from Tinseltown. It’s time for Dustin Lance Black to let go of his angst toward Latter-day Saints
Nearly 75 years after the United Nations voted to partition Palestine, an Israeli citizen returns to assess the promise of the Jewish state.
Both Ronald Reagan and Joe Biden had to deal with inflation. Here’s what Reagan got right and Biden got wrong.
Research suggests that religious faith originates in the home, and fathers play a major role in whether it lasts.
In a state full of kids, the desire for originality breeds an imaginative naming game. Let’s dispense with the shame.
The creator of the “Sit Down with Sky and Preston” podcast talks about why he stands up for his faith and his family.
As winter thaws, the author shares his secret for one last morning on the slopes
The Twitter account gives parents a disturbing look at what their children are seeing on the app
I sat down with Sen. Lee last year to discuss the 2020 election investigation. Some newly released texts complicate what he told me then.
The season inspires small sacrifices and makes us more receptive to others and to God.
A spare room, an extra set of towels, the clothes at the bottom of the drawer that rarely get worn, each of these superfluities make our everyday life feel a little more spacious.
Why are Latter-day Saint leaders like President Russell M. Nelson so long-lived? The faith’s health-code probably plays a role.
“Believing the science” doesn’t take away from religious faith. In fact, it can support it.
The themes of suffering and redemption that are central to the holiday can also be used to spur meaningful growth — or at least self-acceptance.