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Why the Democrats’ spending bill may alarm faith groups

Some religious freedom advocates want the Democratic Party to adjust proposed funding rules.

Report: Western states see dramatic increase in camping reservations, public land use

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Could obsession with election fraud sink the GOP?

Republican candidates who promote election denialism to win their primaries could face a very different electorate in next year’s general election.

Sick of spam texts? So is the FCC

DOJ investigation reveals ‘serious and widespread racial harassment’ in this Utah school district

A Democratic president, Congress might be good for GOP Sen. Mike Lee, at least on this issue

How Salt Lake County mayor proposes to use $64.3M in federal pandemic funding

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Why Sen. Joe Manchin wants to change the rules on who gets a child tax credit

The West Virginia Democrat wants an income limit, employment requirement before he will vote for the benefit in Biden’s proposal.

How a rural Utah school district connects with kids who ‘flip their lids’

Still banned on Facebook and Twitter, Donald Trump announces launch of his own social platform

Man-made islands and residential living on Utah Lake? This proposal wants to try

Utah lawmaker fans flames, calls for audit of 2020 election. Will it catch fire or go up in smoke?

Meghan McCain shares why she left ‘The View’ and what it’s like to be a ‘token conservative’

Paris Hilton pushed Utah lawmakers to reform ‘trouble teen’ centers. Now she’s getting Congress to take up her cause

Is it already too late for Christmas shopping?

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Will gun safety become a casualty of this new law?

Utah is now one of 20 states that do not require permits for the open or concealed carry of guns. Fewer and fewer Utahns are taking gun safety courses, including suicide prevention, as a result of the new law.

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The problem with Biden’s new refugee cap, according to faith leaders

They welcomed the higher refugee ceiling, but faith groups are skeptical of the nation’s ability to resettle refugees through a network that was gutted under the Trump administration.

One month in, Utah ‘feels like home’ for state’s first Afghan refugee

‘It’s scary’: The West’s housing crunch has southwest Colorado at crisis point

Katie Couric opens up about Ruth Bader Ginsburg controversy, Matt Lauer

Here’s what Kamala Harris said in Nevada about fighting climate change

What Utah’s exit from student loan business could mean for college scholarships

Your guide to the Salt Lake City Council election

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What being rich, religious or Republican has to do with getting married

With fertility at an all-time low and the share of never-marrieds rising, who’s most likely to get married and start a family?

This doctor says Idaho has ‘lost the war’ against COVID-19

The Wild West’s housing market: These Utah, Idaho cities top new list for biggest price increases 

‘Every time I rev up a Ford Mustang, I’ll be thinking about Colin Powell.’ How one Utah leader remembers his friend, mentor

Utah Health Department 'strongly influenced' by feds instead of state lawmakers, state audit says

Why some conservative media stars are cussing like sailors and Democrats

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How Utah plans to replace its state prison with a ‘world-class’ community

The Utah State Prison has locked up over 600 acres of prime Draper real estate for over 60 years — but that’s all about to change

How a mainstream news anchor became Trump’s pick for Arizona governor

The real reason why Bill Clinton is in the ICU

Salt Lake City tearing down abandoned Seven Peaks water park. What’s next?

Opinion: What if our politicians were more like entrepreneurs?

Should Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipients get ready to roll up their sleeves again?

Which cities and counties saw biggest housing price increases?

Confused about COVID-19 booster shots? Here are answers

Have gun, will travel. Americans trying to pack heat on airplanes in record numbers

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Apple CEO Tim Cook had this compliment for Utahns in tech at the Silicon Slopes Summit

The head of Apple also took time to meet with four Utah app developers and push a fundraiser for Encircle, which serves LGBTQ youth.

State audit finds Uintah County has been misusing funds

U.S. House votes to increase debt ceiling limit. Here’s how Utah’s Republican congressmen voted

‘We’ve never seen anything like this’: As the West’s housing market rages, Utah faces a ‘severe imbalance’

The Silicon Slopes Summit is back. Here’s how the top tech event scored an all-star lineup for its post-2020 return

Protesters sue Salt Lake City over emergency curfew during George Floyd protests

A lie detector test in Utah’s 4th Congressional District? One GOP candidate plans to wire up

Opinion: Bears Ears is a sacred place for our tribes

Bills, thrills and savings accounts: Where was all that stimulus money spent?

Maybe it’s the stimulus checks, but Americans like the government more these days