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In our opinion: The integrity of the election is not in danger in Utah

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Big flags on big trucks: What these displays say about the upcoming election

So-called "Trump trains" have been organized by concerned citizens in states across the country, including Ohio, Texas, Arizona and Oregon. It’s a trend that picked up steam ahead of Election Day.

Anti-mask protesters target state epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn

Concerns about voter intimidation are ramping up. Here’s how officials are pushing back

COVID-19 surges in Utah, spread is ‘out of control’

Sen. Mike Lee compares Donald Trump to Capt. Moroni from Book of Mormon

Air pollution building in northern Utah: How long will it last?

Utah has paid out $1.6 billion in unemployment benefits over 7 months

Deseret News statement on Burgess Owens’ appearance on Fox News’ ‘The Ingraham Angle’

When pastors go into politics: Who are the religious leaders running for Congress?

COVID-19 transmission still rampant throughout Utah as 10 more deaths reported

McAdams calls for Owens to condemn QAnon; Owens’ camp says he’s condemned it ‘many times’

Salt Lake School Board issues apology to those ‘disparaged or embarrassed’ by texts

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Trump or Biden ... what would Jesus do?

Latter-day Saints are having a grand political moment. But how should they vote?

Two more cities opt out of nuclear power project planned in Idaho

Boosting Utah’s flu vaccination rate ‘critical’ this winter, infectious disease expert tells school board

Election 2020: Donald Trump, populism and what happens after the election

How Nevada’s unemployment factors into the 2020 presidential election

COVID-19 claims beloved social justice advocate Margarita Satini

The election is in less than a week. Have you voted?

‘It’s just not safe,’ Democratic gubernatorial candidate says of campaigning amid COVID-19 spike

Board selects new leader of Utah’s largest school district

Death isn’t only outcome of COVID-19, Herbert says in plea for Utahns to follow guidelines

GOP candidate Burgess Owens refunds some excess donations, campaign says

BYU didn’t ‘act like a police department,’ state argues in certification appeal

No new coronavirus stimulus before election as Senate heads home

For first time, there are partisan State School Board candidates on Utah’s general election ballot

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The NBA is all-in on racial justice. So where does it go from here?

Donovan Mitchell, the Utah Jazz and the NBA have firmly attached themselves to social justice causes. How might the decision cost and benefit the league — and society — moving forward?

Moab radioactive tailings project: 11 million tons removed

The fight for ‘politically homeless’ Latter-day Saints continues

‘I will do my job without any fear or favor’: Amy Coney Barrett confirmed, takes oath

Amy Coney Barrett confirmed as Supreme Court justice in partisan vote

Virtual energy summit underscores Utah’s diverse resources

Utah reports slight dip in new COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations Monday

Kael Weston: If we leave division and distrust in the past, 2021 will be better

Former presidential candidate Evan McMullin endorses Rep. Ben McAdams in Utah race

Some things will never change, but remote toil could revamp the workplace landscape

Sen. Mike Lee: I didn’t vote for Trump 4 years ago, but I will this election

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What did Mitt Romney get right and wrong in his infamous 2016 speech against Donald Trump?

Here’s a look at where things stand now.

‘What is my role here?’: The great unasked question of our political moment

Utah lawmaker tests positive for COVID-19 after meetings at Capitol

Inside the newsroom: What word would you use to describe the political season?

Utah’s 3rd Congressional District race features 2 candidates who switched parties

Poll: Growing numbers of Utahns say it’s safe for kids to be back in classrooms

Saturday brings Utah’s second-highest daily increase in COVID-19 cases

Mexican ambassador to the U.S.: Mexico and Utah are united by a rich and common history

Trick or treat? Or neither? Will Utah kids be out gathering candy on Halloween?

A Salt Lake City homeless camp cleanup didn’t go as planned. Here’s why