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Rep. Chris Stewart says opposition to book deals for Trump administration ‘un-American’

Effort to repeal Utah’s price-gouging law stalls in Senate committee

Utah lawmaker wants it illegal to transfer fetal remains outside of state other than for burial

Older prison inmates in Utah now in line for COVID-19 vaccinations

One Utah lawmaker hospitalized with COVID-19, two more test positive

Salt Lake students head back to class for first time this school year on wintry January morn

Utah, Kane County suffer Supreme Court defeat in controversial roads case

Sen. Mitt Romney among senators proposing constitutional amendment to stop ‘court packing’

House to send article of impeachment against Trump to the Senate

Moms are bearing the brunt of U.S. COVID-19 job losses

Why Mitt Romney loses points with Utah Republicans, scores big with Democrats

6 priorities of Gov. Spencer Cox’s first 500 days in office

Couldn’t find toilet paper during the pandemic? Blame anti-gouging laws, professor says

Talk of new state flag design for Utah raises concern from some lawmakers

Proposed Dixie State University name change evokes emotional debate

Romney says impeachment trial is necessary for ‘accountability ... truth and justice’

Poll: What Utahns think about Gov. Spencer Cox so far

Utah lawmaker seeks ban of at-home rape kits, saying they provide false hope

Will Utah get a Space Force?

A look back: Utah lawmakers open session with masks, extra security; make move on tax cuts

Poll: More than a third of Utahns not very worried about getting COVID-19

Has Biden already burned bridges with conservative Christians?

Bill to allow Utahns to carry concealed guns without any permit ignites debate

3 COVID-19 cases already detected during opening days of Utah legislative session

Utah Capitol reopening to the public Monday, but virtual participation encouraged

National Guard members were forced to vacate Capitol. Here’s what Utah’s delegation said

Vaccines don’t mean you can relax, doctors say as 24 more deaths reported

Trump’s second impeachment trial to begin week of Feb. 8

New poll shows how many Utahns don’t plan to get the COVID-19 vaccine

Utah governor warns of ‘foundational cracks’ state faces, pushes for focus on education

Salt Lake City lifts hiring freeze to fill spots of police officers who left

Utah lawmaker seeks stronger state database to help patients find vaccination data

Utah bill would limit opioid supply doctors can prescribe to patients after surgery

Utah legislators want to loosen requirements for teen learner’s permits due to COVID-19 impact

Cox says more vaccines will soon be available as doses sit on shelves; 30 more deaths reported

Could Utah become first state to create EMS teams specifically for mental health emergencies?

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Poll: What Utahns think about new President Joe Biden

A slight majority of Utahns don’t think much of President Joe Biden, who took the oath of office Wednesday after one of the most turbulent periods in American history.

‘Political football’? Biden wants review of Bears Ears, Grand Staircase boundaries

Utah school districts could lose $ if they don’t offer ‘broad-based in-person learning’

Utah Senate approves $43 million in tax cuts for retired military, Social Security

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A Wyoming GOP chairman mentioned seceding from the union. Here’s what happened next

Frank Eathorne says he’s discussed the idea with his counterpart in Texas, setting off a firestorm of tweets and ribbing at the Cowboy state’s expense.

The 7 times the Tabernacle Choir went to Washington for the inauguration

Could legislation help families and loved ones connect in lockdown?

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What faith leaders are praying for on Inauguration Day

President Joe Biden, who is Catholic, referenced his faith multiple times during his inaugural address.

St. George appoints its first female mayor

Utahn among those President Trump pardons on way out the door

Without this, Utah lawmakers should have an easier session

Salt Lake students to finally return to classrooms following fights in courthouse, statehouse