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Does spraying pesticides to control mosquitoes near Great Salt Lake do more harm than good?

‘It’s not a third-world problem’: Utah’s human trafficking survivors, experts bring attention to global issue

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Why is southern Utah like Disneyland? Despite long lines, high prices, people flock there

St. George, nestled at Utah’s southwest corner, is experiencing large growth despite the pandemic, creating housing market tension and infrastructure concerns.

Changing policing models: Officers say they have to adapt to fears, needs of communities

Salt Lake mayor picks councilman as city’s new homelessness director

COVID-19 vaccines safe for pregnant women, doctor says

Democrats won’t let Utah cut taxes as part of their ‘COVID-19 relief’

Church leaders urge civility in politics and defense of constitutional principles

Why is this physicist challenging climate science?

How did national events like George Floyd’s death complicate Dixie State name change debate?

Why Sen. Mike Lee is quoting President Joe Biden on ‘court packing’

After 3 years in sanctuary, mother steps out of Utah church and into newfound freedom

Why this state says it will sue the federal government if Biden acts ‘unilaterally’ on national monuments

Governor says COVID-19 vaccine pause may mean ‘more people will die’

Why are so many Republicans looking to challenge Mike Lee?

What’s on the minds of Utah’s youth? Gov. Cox finds out in teen town hall

Where trees and technology collide

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Is a $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan right for America?

The American Jobs Plan is turning heads across the spectrum, either for its ambition or for its price tag. These experts weigh in.

Can a pasta machine protect the seeds to save the West’s wildlands?

Equity and diversity among the keys to future economic success in Utah, panel says

Why Sen. Mike Lee wants to make gun silencers easier to buy

High-tech surveillance company Banjo was never able to do what it claimed, audit finds

Utah looking at small shortfall in COVID-19 doses due to Johnson & Johnson ‘pause,’ official says

What Mitt Romney, John Curtis want to do after wildfires char the land

Senators want to throw out Major League Baseball’s antitrust exemption for protesting Georgia voting law

How is state doing with justice reforms nearly year after summer of protests?

Utah will be the first to mandate prenatal child support. Does the law support those who need it most?

Governor hopes new homelessness chief can keep Legislature ‘involved’ in solving problem

New commission anxious to bring public into process of drawing new political boundaries

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Why some experts say Biden’s immigration policies are dragging him down

Polls say immigration is a weak spot as short-term issues cloud long-term fixes.

Utah Rep. Burgess Owens says caring for migrant children will cost taxpayers $3 trillion, but will it?

Police arrest man who they say threatened to shoot up Salt Lake store after refusing to wear mask

Utah state treasurer resigns to take helm of Utah Housing Corporation

Wrestling with America’s shortcomings should not include abandoning her principles

Here’s why President Biden’s executive action on guns won’t stop gun violence

How should federal COVID-19 relief money be spent in Utah?

Is massive federal spending destroying the concept of federalism?

What Utah’s former governor and former congressman have to say about America’s political divide

Sean Reyes: Victims of crime need help, and here’s how

Two Utah cases highlight pandemic’s grip on the criminal justice system

Congress has a duty to offer ‘Dreamers’ a path to citizenship

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Don’t forget COVID-19 long-haulers: ‘This isn’t going to just go away’

Utah Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson and others are still dealing with debilitating and difficult to treat long-term symptoms from COVID-19 as most Utahns look forward to the virus no longer dominating their daily lives.

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox’s approval ratings still climbing — across party lines

Government mask mandates work, doctor says as Utah’s statewide requirement set to end

Biden names former BYU general counsel to new Supreme Court commission

Big Tech’s outsized footprint means it’s time to help save local journalism

Utah leaders bid farewell to Interior Secretary Haaland — with warning

What pundits, politicians thought of Biden’s gun violence executive actions