In the past Trump has thrived when the world seems to be against him.
In the general election, it doesn’t matter how the Republican base feels. What matters is what voters in the middle think.
FBI took highly classified documents, a file about the president of France and boxes of miscellaneous confidential records.
Two Utah legislators have opened bill files to end the clergy exception to reporting child abuse.
The 14-year-old was brutally tortured and killed for allegedly making advances on a white woman. Skeptics brought forth evidence to bring his accuser to trial on kidnapping charges, but a jury refused to indict her.
A new study shows states do not benefit from tax holidays. They increase demand, while the problem today is a lack of supply.
The FTC wants to hear from the public on the impact of companies collecting consumer data.
A report from Princeton University’s Zero lab estimates the bill will save households hundreds of dollars a year and decrease emissions
Gregory and Travis McMichael were convicted of federal hate crime charges and sentenced to life in prison. William Bryan, who filmed the altercation and killing, was also convicted on federal charges and will serve 35 years.
Trump called the raid “prosecutorial misconduct,” but the FBI and DOJ may have the law on their side.
Many of us wonder if Joe Biden and Donald Trump are getting too old for this. But we may have a dinosaur race in 2024.
The Fifth Amendment shields Americans from answering self-incriminating questions, but it also has limitations.
The petition says the district court ‘abused its discretion’ in putting the law on hold pending resolution of a Planned Parenthood lawsuit.
The U.S. Senate almost unanimously voted to approve Finland and Sweden to join NATO. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has strengthened our alliance.
A recent poll shows Biden’s approval at 40%, up slightly from recent months.
Researchers analyzed 400 million voter records across the 2014 and 2016 elections.
The credit is limited to vehicles manufactured in North America with limitations on materials sourced overseas.
The new Aline W. Skaggs Wild Utah native animal exhibit will be named for the late animal-loving philanthropist.
Even some Democrats have warned that the party is playing a dangerous game by promoting candidates with extreme views.
The act got tangled in partisan fighting in the Senate, threatening its prospects to become law
A BYU professor says “context matters” when comparing one state’s actions to another.
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We don’t know all the facts, but millions of Americans who support Donald Trump will view the raid as politically motivated. And they will vote again for Trump, newly impassioned.
Legal action over puberty blockers prescribed to minors will likely reverberate across the Atlantic.
The second-year quarterback got up limping after scrambling during the first quarter of the Jets’ first preseason game.
Pew found a record 63% of U.S. adults believe the president should be elected by popular vote.
Sean Whalen acknowledged the company was out of compliance with FTC regulations for a period of time.
As the ballot count in the Kenyan election progresses, the international community hopes for a peaceful transition of power
Republicans claim 87,000 agents will boost audits of average taxpayers, while Democrats say hiring will bring more tech, more audits of the rich and much-needed customer service.
None of the 35 cases since 2018 have resulted in death, researchers say.
Some supporters of former President Donald Trump see a strengthened IRS as the political weaponization of a federal agency
A Salt Lake man charged with shooting a man during a Black Lives Matter protest in Provo in 2020 is asking a judge to dismiss the case against him.
The deposition is part of a yearslong investigation into whether Trump manipulated the valuation of his assets for financial gain.
Another House Republican who voted to impeach Trump loses, and Trump bests Pence in Wisconsin gubernatorial primary
He says he will just wait for the facts to come to light before forming an opinion on the search, and says he favors more efficient uses of water, such as water-wise lawns and “more responsible” farming practices, by using new technologies that use less water.
The U.S. Labor Department’s Consumer Price Index report for July shows prices on consumer goods and services rose an average 8.5% in the month.
The bill is being passed by Democrats, with zero support from Republicans. Do we actually know what’s in it?
Republic of Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani announced the honor on Instagram, complete with photos
Home values have risen historically fast — landing Utah homeowners with unusually high 2022 property tax bills. Here’s what you need to know.
From restructuring the century-old leasing system for oil production on public lands, to dumping more money into National Forest management, here’s how the sweeping bill will impact the West.
The bipartisan-backed bill aims to revive U.S.-based microchip development and production, now seen as a major geopolitical asset.
The exercises play a political and psychological role in China’s foreign policy
The legislation contains incentives and tax credits for electric vehicles, as well as renewable energy and nuclear power
Partisan division can be solved with the social relationships formed by strong institutions — and a revitalized civic understanding.
Democrats have made big claims about the legislation. Will it hold up to these promises?
Methotrexate and misoprostol treat a number of medical conditions but can impact pregnancy, so some doctors, pharmacies say no to a prescription.
Another proxy battle between Trump and Pence in Wisconsin, and a special election in Minnesota that could augur Democrats’ future in Congress