From its humble beginnings in 2017, the yearly Silicon Slopes event has grown into a global powerhouse as Utah’s tech bonafides continue to shine.
What month is best to see the northern lights in the U.S.?
NASA built a custom lab to study the Bennu sample and has an extensive team of scientists, and decades of experience, researching samples gathered from the cosmos.
A bare cupful of material captured from the ancient asteroid Bennu could shed new light on the creation of the solar system and even the origin of life on Earth.
A smartwatch can keep parents connected with their children without the downsides of smartphones.
Here are expert-recommended strategies to combat the winter blues.
Small but precious sample of asteroid material dates back to earliest days of the solar system and is headed for Earth, landing on Sunday after seven year mission.
George R. R. Martin, alongside 16 other authors, is suing OpenAI for copyright infringement.
Doing a little homework before selecting a service provider for your new iPhone 15 can save thousands of dollars according to a new report.
The Mozilla Foundation researched and tested 25 different car brands and concluded that all of them have the ability to collect intimate information about the driver.
The world’s largest flower that spans more than a yard long grows in Southeast Asia and is poorly understood. The Rafflesia genus, which contains 42 species, is under threat.
Extreme temperatures can make humanmade materials do weird things, even shake the moon
The promise and peril of genetic engineering
The annular Ring of Fire Eclipse will be visible across the Pacific Northwest, much of the West — including Utah —and Texas on Oct. 14.
You haven’t blinked in what feels like 30 minutes, and your arm has grown numb from holding your phone in front of your face — there’s hope for you yet.
Thacher School students in California used their own research-grade observatory to track Diomorphos asteroid after last year’s DART collision and found some unexpected results.
How the common spice could offer some relief from digestive discomfort
The latest editions of Apple’s flagship iPhone come with a passel of incremental upgrades and a big shift from the old lightning port to USB-C connectivity
A look at the which states are leading in the highest vaccination rates
Biographer Walter Isaacson spent 2 years shadowing Musk’s public and private life
Comet Nishimura will be closest to earth on Tuesday, meaning it may be possible to view with the naked eye.
This University of Utah professor looks at the investment in gene-based research, to the detriment of pursuing more effective health outcomes.
Ocean scientists have retrieved the specimen and know it is ‘biological in origin’ but little else so far about the intriguing find.
No details released but Utah AG Sean Reyes calls deal “a tremendous win for consumers, app developers and the market place.”
Utah has adopted a regulatory ‘sandbox’ that allows entrepreneurs and businesses to try out new ideas that don’t fit neatly within established frameworks.
2 babies have been born using a new technique that could improve ART outcomes. Could this help reverse the shrinking birthrate?
Will artificial intelligence help or hamper real-life human interactions? Relationship experts see reason for concern.
Musk says reports on rising tide of hate-speech on X are inaccurate and threatens to try to recoup lost ad dollars through suing civil rights groups.
A new online survey says 44% of home-school educators use ChatGPT, compared to 34% of classroom teachers surveyed.
The science behind the ideal workout week
Earthquake officials said in a press release that more than 100 people reported feeling the earthquake, and most of them were in the Ogden and Weber Canyon area.
A collection of 700 metallic spheres has been recovered near Papua New Guinea, and 59 are confirmed to be from outside our galaxy
World’s first discovery of a living worm inside a human brain was discovered in Australia.
Hurricanes have been called household names since 1953, as a way to help experts effectively communicate about the storm.
AI ‘doctors’ could be valuable tool for ‘practice of medicine and support clinical decision making,’ researcher says
Narrower gene testing could’ve delayed or missed diagnosing this child with a rare blood disorder who almost died twice
Since 2007, more than 20 feet have been discovered in shoes on the coast of the Salish Sea and there’s a few reasons why
Users are finding ways around safeguards built into artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, the world has to find a way to keep this technology from getting out of hand.
Nvidia continues to ride the wave of AI development with revenues up almost 900% in its most recent quarter
Water will be key to any ongoing human presence on the Moon as a life necessity, oxygen source and, perhaps, even a fuel-making component.
The successful mission makes India the fourth country to reach the moon.
Locals in Japan have protested against Japan’s plan to dump tons of treated radioactive water from its failed nuclear power plant into the ocean as soon as Thursday
Joshua Lothringer never would have anticipated he would be part of a team that discovered carbon dioxide on an exoplanet sitting in space 700 light years from Earth.
The Luna-25 lander was the country’s first lunar mission since the 1970s.
The study investigated if our ears perceive silence like they do sound — Simon & Garfunkel might’ve been onto something with their famous ‘Sound of Silence’ lyrics.