Deborah Haarsma of BioLogos encourages faith leaders to find ways to discuss the new images in church.
Officials and experts were strategizing how to get the 13-foot Beluga whale was stuck in France’s River Seine for more than a week.
The bipartisan-backed bill aims to revive U.S.-based microchip development and production, now seen as a major geopolitical asset.
The powerful new James Webb space telescope captured images of the rare, spiral galaxy.
A ‘wobble’ in the Earth’s rotation shaved off 1.59 milliseconds from the 24-hour day
Don’t worry — no sheep were harmed.
The spacecraft Orion is set to launch Aug. 29 in first of three-stage journey to put U.S, astronauts back on the moon
Proponents say it will promote innovation, expand research and break dependence on China for microchips. Detractors say it amounts to corporate welfare.
The inauthentic interactions between patients and artificial intelligence will leave us worse off than when we started
As the West continues to cope with a historic drought and a windy summer, here’s what you need to know about wildfires.
California university researchers have identified a signaling molecule believed to be key to controlling when hair follicle cells divide and die. The discovery could potentially treat baldness and speed up wound healing.
The projects will improve roads and bridges, create union jobs and spur economic growth in Utah and the United States, the U.S. Department of Transportation says.
Utah is Buttigieg’s latest stop in the Mountain West.
The Delta Conveyance Project would wind through the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, connecting the water-rich north to the dry south.
A 25-ton Chinese rocket is currently in a decaying Earth orbit over populated areas and is expected to reenter the atmosphere in the coming days.
Early cases were all close to a wet market, where the virus was traced to one or more wet market stalls.
You’re not going crazy — the last few months have been unusually windy in the Salt Lake Valley.
Microsoft, owner of Minecraft, is banning NFTs on its servers to protect its players. Is this a step forward or back?
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The Utah Republican senator told Fox News Sunday there were times when he succumbed to political expediency, but now focuses on honesty and the values he has centered his life on.
Scores and recaps from the first Friday night of the 2022 Utah high school football season.
Two Utah legislators have opened bill files to end the clergy exception to reporting child abuse.
New Utah Jazz wing Simone Fontecchio performed well against Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert as Italy faced France before Eurobasket.
The second-year quarterback got up limping after scrambling during the first quarter of the Jets’ first preseason game.
Documents point to a government program that can automatically compile 15 billion location points from over 250 million cellphones every day.
A Delaware judge set an October trial in the contract dispute between the Tesla CEO and the social media giant.
For the first time since the app was launched over 10 years ago, Snapchat announced that the company will offer an online version that can be used on a laptop or desktop computer.
These radio signals that come from galaxies billions of light-years away can potentially give us an insight into what’s happening in the universe.
Different gene activity in the brain resulted in unsuccessful treatment outcomes for women, researchers found.
Google parent company Alphabet will conduct a 20-1 stock split on Friday.
Recent procedures done at New York University show pig hearts can be successfully implanted into human bodies and could potentially address the national organ shortage.
following revelations in a Tuesday hearing of the panel investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, Byrne will be questioned by the committee on Friday.
The biggest growth in EV adoption is happening in central and rural states.
It sustains life, central to billion-dollar industries and a vast source of culture and spirituality, but does the natural world truly have a price?
The service is being test-piloted at certain stores so customers can get a manicure on their Target run.
Here are the top takeaways from a massive trove of confidential records belonging to Uber and leaked to The Guardian.
Dark matter, making up about 80% of the universe, remains a mystery to scientists — the Hadron Collider could change that.
A new Intermountain Healthcare study has found that people who regularly fast are less likely to experience severe complications from COVID-19.
The Sava app allows you to send yourself a fake text or call, call the police, or have the app notify designated contacts.
Black Death was the deadliest pandemic in history — close to 50 million people in Europe and the Mediterranean died — and it still infects thousands.
A deadly shooting outside a party in Draper is among the violent incidents at rental properties.
Since June 21, Musk hasn’t posted a single tweet, even amid a week of huge news events.
Facebook has rules against buying, selling or exchanging medical or nonmedical drugs.