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BYU QB Zach Wilson has ‘insatiable appetite’ for football

SHARE BYU QB Zach Wilson has ‘insatiable appetite’ for football

PROVO — BYU sophomore quarterback Zach Wilson has said recently that his social life is football.

His coaches and teammates can attest to that.

“He keeps me here pretty late. It’s a good thing. We do watch film a lot,” said senior wide receiver Talon Shumway. “But there are days when I say, ‘I just want to go home and see my wife.’ He’s like, ‘Let’s go watch film until 9.’ It’s good to have a guy like that. You can tell he watches film. Watching film with him is pretty helpful.”

Shumway said he likes playing with someone who’s that competitive and has that type of work ethic.

“It’s great to have a guy like that who touches the ball every play. It’s the kind of guy you need in that spot. I’m glad he’s there.”

Quarterbacks coach Aaron Roderick said Wilson rarely takes time off.

“He wears me out. He has an insatiable appetite for football. It’s nonstop, 24/7. Every day, I’m challenged with how to keep him challenged," he said. "Every day, I’m finding new ways to be a better coach, to present things in a way that keep him learning and entertained because football is a nonstop thing for him. It’s text messages and sending me film clips at all hours all weekend. He’s a pretty special guy."