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Larry Krystkowiak reprimanded by Pac-12 for comments on officiating after Saturday’s game

SHARE Larry Krystkowiak reprimanded by Pac-12 for comments on officiating after Saturday’s game

Utah coach Larry Krystkowiak is restrained by an assistant coach as he argues with an official after receiving two technical fouls and being ejected during the second half of Utah’s Pac-12 basketball game against Arizona State, Saturday, Jan. 18, 2020, in Tempe, Ariz.

Ralph Freso, Associated Press

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah basketball coach Larry Krystkowiak has been reprimanded by the Pac-12 Conference for comments he made after his team’s 83-64 loss to Arizona State Saturday night. 

Krystkowiak broke the news of his reprimand during his weekly press conference Tuesday morning and the Pac-12 issued a statement shortly after. 

“The Pac-12 membership has established rules that prohibit our coaches from publicly commenting about officiating,” commissioner Larry Scott said in a statement. “We have an obligation to our members to enforce approved conference rules. As part of our officiating program, there is a protocol in place for our coaches to provide feedback directly to the coordinator of officials.”

Krystkowiak was given two technical fouls after protesting a technical foul that was whistled on Ute center Matt Van Komen, apparently for hanging on the rim too long after a dunk. Krystkowiak felt that his 7-foot-4 center had an opponent underneath him and was allowed to hang for his own protection.

“I’ve been reprimanded by our conference for comments I made after the game,” he said Tuesday. “The mistake I made was talking negatively about officiating after the game and that’s a mistake and I’m ready to move on. I’ve said it before the game is full of mistakes, players make ’em, coaches make ’em, refs make ’em. I was trying to stand up for one of our players in a situation I thought could have been let go, but that’s a decision that they make and we’ll move on.”

Krystkowiak’s comments after the game were as follows:

“I saw a 7-foot-4 guy dunk the ball and somebody’s underneath him and you’re allowed to hang on the rim. It wasn’t the proper call to make at that time. I had no problem with the officiating. I like all those guys. But it was BS at the end, so I lost my fuse.”

“... It was a really bad call at a really bad time that was really uncalled for, I love Matt Van Komen, the kid’s been working his butt off. I don’t think anybody knows what it’s like to be 7-4 when you’re 5-5 and to make that kind of assessment at that point of the game was out of line. I didn’t keep my cool, which is unfortunate but it happens.”

Krystkowiak is the third Pac-12 basketball coach to be reprimanded this season. Earlier, UCLA’s Mick Cronin and Washington State’s Kyle Smith both received reprimands from the conference. There is no fine involved with a reprimand.