CEDAR CITY — For the first time in school history, Millard’s boys and girls cross-country teams swept the 2A state championships on Wednesday, each winning by single digits.

A bit of misinformation might have helped make it possible.

As Millard coach Cody Moat bounced from the finish line of the girls race to the starting line for the boys race, he didn’t see how all the runners finished and actually thought his girls team had narrowly lost.

He used that “runner-up” finish to motivate the boys just before their gun went off.

There’s no way of knowing if that was the difference, but Millard’s boys finished with 56 points to narrowly dethrone last year’s champs Rowland Hall, which finished with 60 points.

As for the girls, with all five runners placing in the top 13, Millard secured its third straight state championship finishing with 44 points, followed by North Summit in second with 51.

“I was more worried about it this year cause the last few years we’ve taken it pretty easily. Me and Katy (Kelly) are both seniors and we just tried our best to encourage the girls so we could get one more time,” said Millard senior Audrey Camp, who finished fourth.

Kelly finished fifth, with Kara Camp in 10th, Kailey Thurman in 12th and Kristen Remkes in 13th.

Thurman and Remkes had never raced at state, and their poise was the difference in the team title.

“They did exactly what they’ve done all year besides the big stage, if not more,” said Moat.

For Millard’s boys, Michael Ralphs was the only runner who finished in the top 10 as he crossed in eighth place. His remaining four teammates were all bunched together pretty closely between 12th and 19th place and that was the difference.

“Our team goal this whole year as cutting down the gaps, and I think they did that,” said Moat.

In the chase for individual titles, there was a repeat winner in both the girls and boys.

North Summit senior Elizabeth Zwahlen dominated the race on Wednesday cruising to a time of 18:29.4, a full 38 seconds ahead of Parowan runner-up finisher Brooke Reed.

Even though Zwahlen said it didn’t feel like the traditional state meet at Sugar House Park in Salt Lake City, particularly without the hills, she said it was a fun course and didn’t hold anything back.

“After the gun went off I just decided that I would leave it all out there, try my hardest and start fast and finish fast,” said Zwahlen, who won by eight seconds as a junior last year.

Just like Zwahlen, Rowland Hall’s Carson Burian enjoyed a more comfortable finish during his senior race.

A year ago at Sugar House Park he won by four seconds, but on Wednesday Burian enjoyed a 17-second cushion as he finished with a great time of 15:37.7. Wasatch Academy’s Christopher Korir finished second with a time of 15:54.1.

“Just stayed calm. It’s senior year, try and leave nothing out there. That was what I wanted to do today,” said Burian.

“2A is a pretty tight community, everyone that’s in the top 10 we are good buddies and we all know each other. It’s a fun environment to be in, and being with the team right now it means a lot. With COVID and everything, teammates make everything more regular and that’s what everyone’s looking for right now,” said Burian.

Class 2A State Championships

At Cedar City High School

Boys team scores

1. Millard, 56

2. Rowland Hall, 60

3. North Summit, 73

4. Monticello, 80

5. Beaver, 144.5

6. Duchesne, 155.5

Boys individual results

1. Carson Burian, Rowland Hall, 15:37.7

2. Christopher Korir, Wasatch Academy, 15:54.1

3. Cory Bunker, Monticello, 15.54.6

4. Nathan Bowman, Kanab, 16:16.3

5. Jack Lange, Rowland Hall, 16:29.3

6. Alan Pettit, Monticello, 16:36.4

7. Ezra Shilling Rabin, Rowland Hall, 16:41.8

8. Michael Ralphs, Millard, 16:49.9

9. Jason Cardon, Beaver, 16:57.0

10. Josh Rust, North Summit, 16:57.6

Girls team scores

1. Millard, 44

2. North Summit, 51

3. Parowan, 75

4. Monticello, 108

5. Beaver, 115

6. Merit Academy, 133

Girls individual results

1. Elizabeth Zwahlen, North Summit, 18:29.4

2. Brooke Reed, Parowan, 19:07.6

3. Adri Bird, Monticello, 19:11.0

4. Audrey Camp, Millard, 19:31.9

5. Katy Kelly, Millard, 20:02.6

6. Elle Williams, Beaver, 20:11.9

7. Lily Long, Monticello, 20:22.8

8. Adelyn Crockett, Parowan, 20:47.0

9. Charly Sargent, North Summit, 21:04.4

10. Kara Camp, Millard, 21:11.1