SALT LAKE CITY — As many of you know I was in Oklahoma City on Wednesday night when everything went down.

I was tested for COVID-19 along with the rest of the Utah Jazz because we have so much direct contact with Rudy Gobert, who tested positive for the coronavirus. My test came back negative, but as a precaution, since I still could develop symptoms, I am quarantined in my apartment for the next few days.

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Gobert’s positive test was the first domino to fall in a series of events that saw the NBA, all major sports, and a number of other major institutions shut down production or close their doors due to the massive spread of the virus.

I figured that just because the sports world has stopped doesn’t mean that we should. So, let’s start the mailbag off this week with a two-part question.

Wes, thanks so much for writing in. I am still catching up on sleep after a sleepless couple of nights following Wednesday’s craziness, but other than that I’m feeling great. At first everything was really scary and chaotic but as with anything, time and education really help.

This second part was by far the most asked question this week.

As far as the report that there is rift in the Jazz locker room because of Gobert and his actions leading up to his positive coronavirus test, I can’t corroborate that information.

Sure, people are scared, and confusion along with fear is a very easy way to breed anger, but I haven’t heard anything that would say Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, who also tested positive, are in strife over this situation.

Tension in a locker room is natural and expected, but that all stems from basketball and what happens on the court.

I’m not saying that Adrian Wojnarowski is wrong but I’m telling you I have not heard anything that would say things in the locker room are any different than they were on Tuesday before any of this recent madness went down.

Additionally, when things like this happen and put life into perspective, it has a way of washing away tension in the long run. I wouldn’t be surprised that after everything is said and done, when things return to normal, if any tensions that existed before any of this are forgiven or forgotten.

I was one of the unlucky people who was hospitalized because of H1N1 (swine flu) in the spring of 2009. I also seem to just have terrible luck in general and so as soon as the spread of coronavirus started to move throughout the world I just assumed that I would get it. Then, when people that I am so close to all the time, Gobert and Mitchell, came away with positive tests, I thought that there was zero chance I was making it out of this with a negative test. Alas, I was wrong.

The good thing is that even if I had tested positive or if I develop symptoms and become infected during my quarantine, this strain of novel virus is unlikely to have major impact on me because I am relatively young and healthy.

The COVID-19 test consists of two swabs; one from the throat, and one from the sinus. The swabs are both taken for a continuous 10 seconds. The one that is up a nostril and to the sinus feels a little like an attempt at tickling the brain. All in all, 20 seconds of mild uncomfortability for a massive amount of comfort later, wasn’t bad at all.

Stuck in the arena on Wednesday night and into the wee hours of the morning on Thursday, there was no food. That probably was a huge contributor to my level of anger throughout the night. Hunger is real people.

As for food now that I’m quarantined to my apartment, my editors at the Deseret News banded together to bring me groceries and have been incredible throughout this whole process.

Additionally so many of the readers and Jazz fans have reached out with well wishes and support and I am so grateful. Thanks everyone for everything, we’ll get through this.

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