A true cinderella story, massive online intrigue and then scandal. The College Sports on SiriusXM mascot championship had all of it, leaving the championship bout between No. 16 seed Cosmo (BYU) vs. No. 16 seed Big Red (Western Kentucky) very much in question.

Due to the cancellation of spring sports, fans have become enraptured with Twitter polls, with SiriusXM’s poll receiving loads of attention from not only BYU fans, but BYU administrators, coaches and players. Both Cosmo and Big Red weaved their way through a field of 64 mascots for the championship round, which wrapped up at 10 a.m. MST on Friday.

The results? Cosmo inched out the victory, but with the ultimate decision put in question before resting upon the winner:

Why was the declaration of a champion put in question? Well, voter fraud was alleged throughout the tournament and came to a head during the championship round with Sirius tweeting the following:

It begs the question of how does one cheat on a Twitter poll, and why would they? Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, in the estimation of some, with fans willing to perhaps spend money out of their own pockets to achieve a truly manufactured national championship.

On the popular BYU message board, cougarboard.com, instructions were posted on how to pay for extra votes in several instances, of which one can be found here:

Western Kentucky pleaded voter fraud, with WKU student Braden Kemmerer perhaps leading the allegations:

Still following? Still interested? Likely so, which is a reflection of where we’re at with sports being canceled for the foreseeable future.

The mascot championship captured the imagination of BYU fans, faculty and even administrators, with BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe making a video with Cosmo just prior to the championship round:

BYU Vice President Matthew O Richardson also lent his online support.

BYU community relations coordinator Jack Damuni, who is one of the more entertaining follows on Twitter, chimed in as well.

So what will it all mean for BYU athletic history? Perhaps one Cougar fan lampooned it best with this tweet: