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With a baby on the way, Joe Ingles steering clear of Utah Jazz practice facility

Utah Jazz forward Joe Ingles and his wife Ranae announced Wednesday on social media they are expecting a baby in November.
Spenser Heaps, Deseret News

SALT LAKE CITY — Joe Ingles has not worked out at the Utah Jazz practice facility since it reopened on Monday and part of the reason is because Ingles and his wife Renae are expecting a baby in November.

On Wednesday, Ingles’ wife Renae announced the news via social media.

On Thursday, during his weekly appearance on 1280 The Zone, Ingles talked about the news and how it was a contributing factor in his decision to not take part in individual workouts at Zions Bank Basketball Campus.

“Obviously the secret of Renae being pregnant was a big part of it,” Ingles said. “It’s not worth it. I’ve got a gym, I’ve got everything I can do. Basketball-wise it’s a bit more difficult but I think as we go along and find out more information about this whole thing it’ll make a decision easier. But there’s no way I’m willing to risk my children and Renae and all that to go and shoot a basketball.”

Ingles said the couple has been keeping the news of the pregnancy close to the vest for a while but that the Jazz and head coach Quin Snyder have been in the know, supportive and understanding about his decision to stay home.

On May 8, the NBA began allowing teams to open their practice facilities for voluntary individual workouts in cities where stay-at-home restrictions have been lifted as long as the team implements a strict set of guidelines in order to keep players safe while they’re working out.

Among the restrictions are allowing no more than four players at a facility at a time; no coach participation; no practices, scrimmages or group activity of any kind; players are prohibited from using public gyms or health clubs even if state restrictions allow such establishments to reopen.

Jazz executive vice president of basketball operations Dennis Lindsey said that the Jazz are going above and beyond the requirements of the NBA in opening up ZBBC but even with all the extra precautions, Ingles said he isn’t ready to make that leap just yet.

“They’ve made measures to go in there pretty dramatic,” Ingles said. “I went through the process to see what it was like and it’s pretty in-depth. Come the right time I’ll go in there and start getting ready but we need a bit more information on whether we’re going to play or not and I think my decision will be made after that.”

Ingles still remains skeptical about whether the NBA will resume and is still unsure if he will feel comfortable if he has to leave his family for an extended period of time in order to complete the NBA season in a controlled environment.

With time the Ingleses are hoping more information will be available so that they can feel comfortable in whatever decision they make, but for right now, with uncertainty still looming over the NBA, they’re focusing on staying home and staying healthy with their growing family.