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Tony Finau can cook up a tasty steak, but don’t ask about math

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PGA golfer Tony Finau eats with two of his children, Sage, 1, and Tony, 2, at their home in Lehi on Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018.

Spenser Heaps, Deseret News

SALT LAKE CITY — By now, it’s quite evident that Tony Finau is an elite golfer.

Turns out, the Salt Lake City native is also a good entertainer and cook but not so good at math or controlling his TV-binging tendencies.

Those are some things viewers learn from a fun Finau interview with Skratch, a golf-centric digital content producer that aims to show the lighter side of the sport.

Host Kelly James asked Finau, the West High alum who’s currently ranked 17th in the world, about life during the coronavirus quarantine. Finau admitted it was busy, as he has four kids under the age of 8 at home.

“It’s been crazy,” Finau said. “I’ve had to be a teacher, coach and cook.”

How’s that teaching going? Finau laughed while admitting his math skills are below par.

“Oh, did you not learn this when you were in the first grade?” said Finau, laughing while recreating a conversation with his kids. “How do you not remember this? And I’m the one who doesn’t remember.”

The topic of some Finau family dancing videos was also brought up.

“We put some nice videos out,” Finau said, smiling, as his dance moves were on display. “I grew up in the entertainment business. I grew up Polynesian dancing, singing, playing music all that. So I’m not shy when it comes to entertaining.”

Finau divulged that one of his favorite meals to cook consists of steak, garlic shrimp and white rice. If he’s going to make breakfast, that might also include steak and rice but eggs instead of shrimp.

“White rice seems to be a Polynesian staple,” he said, laughing.

Asked about his viewing habits, Finau said he tends to binge-watch shows that he’s interested in instead of spreading them out over time.

“When I’m into it, I just keep watching it,” he said. “I’m like, oh, I know I’m going to pay the price in the morning, but I’ll sacrifice that for my viewing pleasure.”

Finau also revealed his favorite shot to hit under pressure — a bullet fade off the tee.