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Class of 2020: Names of Utah high school athletes with college scholarships

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Timpview’s Sione Moa breaks away from Provo’s Taylor Heiner on his way into the end zone as the two teams play in quarterfinal football action in Provo on Friday, Nov. 8, 2019. Timpview won 26-7.

Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

After contacting coaches and athletic directors from every high school in Utah, the Deseret News has compiled the following list of the estimated 777 seniors from the 2019 graduating class who received an athletic and/or academic scholarship to play college sports.

This list is arranged in alphabetical order by school, irrespective of division, region or classification.

Did we miss someone? Please email updates to prepstats@deseretnews.com. 


(Note: An additional 30 athletes have been added to the list since publication bring the total scholarships up from 747 to 777).


  • Marlee Albrecht, volleyball (Central Wyoming)
  • Sunny Brown, volleyball (Hawaii Pacific)
  • Kate Dowdell, girls soccer (SLCC)
  • Sequoya Fail, volleyball (Hutchinson CC, Kansas)
  • Lucky Finau, football (BYU)
  • Mogan Jensen, girls track/x-country (Utah)
  • Cassidy Nixon, volleyball (New Mexico Military)
  • Taeya Pilgrim, volleyball (Cal State Bakersfield)
  • Christian Tau, football (Riverside CC, California)
  • Daniel Thomason, football (Dixie State)
  • Isaia Thompson, football (Idaho State)
  • Ray Tuitahi, football (Riverside CC, California)
  • Megan Vawdrey, girls soccer (Idaho State)
  • A.J. Woo Ching, football (Riverside CC, California)


  • Carson Sheets, boys wrestling (Western Wyoming)


American Fork

  • Camy Balderree, girls basketball (Big Bend CC, Washington)
  • Andelin Baldwin, girls soccer (Weber State)
  • Jack Cardwell, boys soccer (Westminster)
  • Devin Downing, football (BYU)
  • Devi Dudley, girls soccer (Clemson)
  • Maddie Edwards, girls track/cross-country (Utah State)
  • Haven Empey, girls soccer (BYU)
  • Ragan Fuller, girls soccer (Utah)
  • Tanner Holden, football (SUU)
  • Ashton Hysell, boys track/cross-country (Idaho State)
  • Aaron Jolley, boys soccer (BYU)
  • Halle Nelson, girls basketball (Utah State)
  • Kaleb Ostler, football (SUU)
  • Jordyn Roth, girls soccer (Idaho State)
  • Bodie Schoonover, football (BYU)
  • Abby Transtrum, girls soccer (Snow College)
  • Kyle Walbruch, boys soccer (UVU)
  • Jack Walker, baseball (Dixie State)


APA West Valley

  • Mario Mejia, boys soccer (Western Nebraska)


Bear River

  • Ren Fonnesbeck, boys basketball (Southwestern Oregon)
  • Abby Fuhriman, girls track/cross-country (UVU)
  • Kati Gibbs, softball (Snow College)
  • Haliegh Hunsaker, volleyball (Portville College, Calif.)
  • McKenzie Lorimer, girls track/cross-country (Dixie State)
  • Emilio Mendoza, boys soccer (Beloit, Wisconsin)
  • Caeden Miller, boys lacrosse (William Penn, Iowa)
  • Ashton Rhodes, baseball (College of Idaho)
  • Bailey Theurer, softball (Snow College)
  • Malaiyah Thomas, girls track/cross-country (Dixie State)
  • Oaklee Trapp, softball (Dixie State)



  • Ryker Albrecht, football (Minnesota West CC)
  • Treyson Harris, boys track/x-country (UVU)
  • Robert Pyles, football (Concordia, Minnesota)
  • Tyce Raddon, boys wrestling (Western Wyoming)


Ben Lomond

  • Anthony Flores, football (Culver-Stockton, Missouri)



  • Ameleya Angilau, girls basketball (USU Eastern)
  • Max Berni, baseball (Colorado Mesa) — preferred walk-on
  • Easton Butterfield, boys lacrosse (Belmont Abbey, North Carolina)
  • Jordan Brown, baseball (USU Eastern) — preferred walk-on
  • Payton Clark, boys wrestling (Colby CC, Kansas) 
  • Mason Christiansen, boys wrestling (Western Wyoming)
  • Joseph Dixon, baseball (Stanford)
  • Sione Fotu, football (Utah)
  • Naomi Glasker, volleyball (USU Eastern)
  • Marco Herrera, boys wrestling (Colby CC, Kansas)
  • Samantha Holman, volleyball (Yavapai, Arizona)
  • Austin Hone, boys track/cross-country (UVU)
  • Natalie Horsley, volleyball (Yavapai, Arizona)
  • Kyle Keyes, baseball (Oregon State)
  • Jaycee Lichtie, girls basketball (Hawaii Pacific)
  • Wyatt Marx, football (Stanford) — preferred walk-on
  • Jonah Marshall, baseball (Dixie State)
  • Cole Moody, boys wrestling (Wyoming)
  • Owen Mortensen, baseball (Utah)
  • Elise Porter, volleyball (Dixie State)
  • Makenna Roberts, volleyball (Pierce CC, Wash
  • Hannah Smith, girls tennis (Southern Virginia)
  • Jade Suguturaga, volleyball (Casper CC, Wyoming)
  • Holden Tennant, football (Dixie State)
  • Josh Vander Linden, baseball (Southern Virginia)
  • Jaxon Wardle, boys wrestling (Air Force)


  • Dylan Brooks, football (Utah) — preferred walk-on
  • Cam Chism, boys basketball (Westminster)
  • Max Curry, boys basketball (Willamette College, Oregon)
  • Mason Farr, baseball (SLCC)
  • Libbie Hawker, softball (Utah State)
  • Sayler Larson, volleyball (Northwest College, Wyoming) — walk-on
  • Dashani Purcell, softball (SLCC)
  • Sophia Stoddard, softball (Southern Idaho) 


  • Brandon Bejarano, boys soccer (USU Eastern)
  • Jenna Czarnecki, girls basketball (Western Wyoming)
  • Zach Dallimore, boys golf (Westminster)
  • Hailey Price, girls soccer (Weber State)


Box Elder

  • Logan Holgate, baseball (SLCC)
  • Grace Oki, girls soccer (USU Eastern)
  • Garrett Ricks, boys wrestling (Western Wyoming)



  • Hannah GeBauer, girls lacrosse (Westminster)
  • Samantha Heugly, girls lacrosse (Westminster)
  • Jake Hoole, football (Southern Virginia)
  • Tyler John, girls lacrosse (Southern Virginia)
  • Jackson McKeon, boys soccer (Westminster)
  • Redd Owen, boys tennis (BYU)
  • Walker Schwendiman, boys soccer (Westminster)
  • Paige Sieverts, girls lacrosse (Southern Virginia)
  • Lexi Simpson, girls soccer (Weber State)
  • Owen Smith, football (Dixie State)
  • Ben Stearn, baseball (Los Medanos, California)

Canyon View

  • Breanne Hancock, softball (Colorado Northwest CC)
  • Jaylee Sorensen, girls track/cross-country (Dixie State)


  • Jordan Bianco, girls basketball/golf (Ottawa, Kansas)
  • Grace Broadbear, girls soccer (USU Eastern)
  • Taci Tapia, girls wrestling (Providence, Montana)


Cedar City

  • Brady Bettridge, boys track/cross-country (SUU)
  • Michelle Jenkins, girls soccer (Snow College)
  • Bailey Oswald, boys track/cross-country (SUU)
  • Brittany Simcox, softball (Lamar CC, Colorado)
  • Mayci Torgerson, girls track/cross-country (BYU)
  • Japrix Weaver, girls basketball (Snow College)

Cedar’s Japrix Weaver shoots over Green Canyon’s Kennedy Eskelson during the 4A girls basketball state semifinals at the Dee Events Center in Ogden on Friday, Feb. 28, 2020. Cedar won 68-61.

Kristin Murphy, Deseret News

Cedar Valley

  • Caden Dunn, boys golf (Northern Michigan)
  • Sydnee Winn, girls soccer (Casper, Wyoming)



  • Kaden Bankhead, football (Montana Western)
  • Danni Bears, girls soccer (Central Wyoming)
  • Lexie Cordon, volleyball (Olympic College, Washington)
  • Erin Esthimer, girls soccer (Central Wyoming)
  • MacKenzie Merrill, girls soccer (Central Wyoming)
  • Missy Mortensen, volleyball (Central Wyoming)
  • Sam Murray, girls soccer (Laramie CC, Wyoming)
  • Maddie Smith, girls soccer (USU Eastern)


Copper Hills

  • Camilla Andam, girls track/cross-country (BYU)
  • Alyxx Estrada, softball (North Carolina A&T)
  • Makaiya Gomez, softball (Utah)
  • Kyle Hoffman, baseball (Southern Idaho)
  • Paiten Langston, volleyball (Yavapai, Arizona)
  • Lainee Miller, softball (Lake Region State, North Dakota)
  • Cameron Ostmark, baseball (Treasure Valley CC, Oregon)
  • Sam Rollins, girls soccer (Weber State)
  • Eleyana Tafisi, girls basketball (UVU)
  • Brayden Taylor, baseball (TCU)


Corner Canyon

  • Easton Allred, boys track/cross-country (BYU)
  • Mark Boyle, boys track/cross-country (BYU)
  • Kade Carlson, boys wrestling (Army West Point)
  • Kenli Coon, girls soccer (Utah State)
  • Van Fillinger, football (Utah)
  • John Glavine, football (William Penn, Iowa)
  • Cole Hagen, football (Yale)
  • Alex Harbertson, boys track/cross-country (Weber State)
  • Caleb Johnson, boys track/cross-country (BYU)
  • Rivers Johnson, boys swimming (BYU)
  • Kaelyn Kearny, softball (Weber State)
  • Lexi Larsen, girls track/cross-country (UVU)
  • Whitney Opheikens, softball (Lake Region State, North Dakota)
  • Kali Richardson, girls track/cross-country (Dixie State)
  • Steve Street, football (Colorado School of Mines)
  • Josh Wilson, football (BYU)
  • Preston Winget, baseball (SLCC)


  • Ross Dunn, baseball (Florida State)
  • Jessica Loyd, girls swimming (Air Force)
  • Danny Mehr, baseball (Colorado Northwestern CC)
  • Grady Norris, baseball (Colorado Northwestern CC)
  • Bridger Stinson, baseball (Colorado Northwestern CC)
  • Emma Walker, girls swimming (Kansas)

Crimson Cliffs

  • Crystal Taormina, girls wrestling (Dixie State)



  • Braedon Anderson, baseball (Lakeland, Illinois)
  • Jaxon Garcia, football (Utah) — preferred walk-on
  • Macabe George, boys wrestling (Nebraska Wesleyan)
  • Jaelin Holdaway, softball (Webster, Missouri)
  • Grace Jenkins, softball (USU Eastern)
  • Angel Montoya, softball (Dawson CC, Montana)
  • Jackson Muramoto, boys golf (Bushnell, Oregon)
  • Tyken Wren, baseball (Treasure Valley CC, Oregon)



  • Carson Coleman, boys track/cross-country (Utah State)
  • Bailey Kealamakia, girls track/cross-country (Utah)
  • Noah Larkin, boys soccer (Westminster)
  • Hannah Loveland, girls basketball (Treasure Valley CC, Oregon)
  • Gage Morgan, football (Southern Virginia)
  • Caylyn Ponich, girls golf (UVU)


Desert Hills

  • Mason Chase, boys basketball (Dixie State)
  • Kire Goulding, boys track/cross-country (Weber State)
  • Codi Olds, softball (College of Southern Nevada)
  • Chelsea Pierce, softball (Olympic, Washington)
  • Payton Plumb, boys swimming (BYU)
  • Jarron Polu, football (Dixie State)
  • Jenna Welch, girls track/cross-country (UVU)



  • Halle Anderson, volleyball (Santa Monica, California)
  • Savannah Cazier, volleyball (Colorado Northwestern CC)
  • Chayden Chong, softball (Western Nebraska)
  • Reggie Graff, football (Dixie State)
  • Noah Lemke, boys basketball (Dixie State) — preferred walk-on
  • Callie Tuckfield, volleyball (Fullerton, California)
  • Cooper Vest, baseball (BYU)

Draper APA

  • Levi Doermann, baseball (Southern Virginia)


  • Kelsey Woodhouse, softball (Northwest Tech, Kansas)



  • Sione Angilau, football (Air Force)
  • Erin Bridges, girls soccer (Utah)
  • Precious Faamausilli, girls basketball (SLCC)
  • Talin Finau, football (Snow College)
  • Katya Hulse, girls swimming (BYU)
  • Vasa Langi, volleyball (South Puget Sound, Washington)
  • Tasi Laufau, football (Riverside City, California)
  • Katie Liljenquist, girls soccer (Central Wyoming)
  • Azia Lokeni, softball (Grayson College, Texas)
  • Thomas Maxfield, boys track/cross-country (Westminster)
  • Andre Mulibea, boys basketball (Dixie State)
  • Hailey Povilus, girls soccer (Utah)
  • Nick Session, football (Oklahoma State)
  • Taylor Shelton, softball (Brunswick, North Carolina)
  • Lina Tausinga, girls basketball (UVU)
  • Ivy Tapusoa, football (SUU)


  • Levi Randall, baseball (Dixie State)



  • Jake Anderson, boys wrestling (Providence, Montana)
  • Hannah Howard, volleyball (Dixie State)
  • Naomi Kehl, girls soccer/basketball (Westminster)
  • Ryan Marks, football (Utah State)
  • Brooklyn Perkins, girls basketball (USU Eastern)
  • Rawson Spackman, boys track/cross-country (Utah State)
  • Tilly Vasquez, girls track/cross-country (Mt. Hood CC, Oregon)
  • Adam Wall, boys track/cross-country (Utah State)
  • Braxton Watts, boys golf (Utah)
  • Kait White, volleyball (Westminster)
  • Brayden Wilson, football (Weber State)



  • Elizabeth Allen, girls basketball (Big Bend CC, Washington)
  • Jack Arevalo, baseball (Mt. Hood CC, Oregon)
  • Rylie Bennett, softball (SLCC)
  • Marcella Bohn, girls wrestling (Hastings, Nebraska)
  • Brayden Clark, baseball (College of the Redwoods, California)
  • Dallin Hall, boys basketball (BYU)
  • Brittyn Haney, volleyball (Dixie State)
  • Bridger Hansen, football (Adams State, Colorado)
  • Colter Hansen, football (Adams State, Colorado)
  • Berkeley Heileson, girls soccer (SLCC)
  • Sophia Henley, girls soccer (Casper, Wyoming)
  • Kolton Kammeyer, boys wrestling (Midland, Nebraska)
  • Shaylee Kawaguchi, girls soccer (Lower Columbia, Washington)
  • Jordan Mckean, football (College of Idaho)
  • Brylee Nielsen, girls soccer (USU Eastern)
  • Macy Parke, girls soccer (Southern Oregon)
  • Carlie Peterson, volleyball (SLCC)
  • Sara Seaich, girls soccer (Casper, Wyoming)
  • Abby Sanford, girls soccer (SLCC)
  • Kennadee Vaughn, girls wrestling (Hastings, Nebraska.)
  • Weston Warr, football (Snow College)
  • Tige Voorhees, boys basketball (Southwestern Oregon)



  • Evan Ellison, boys track/cross-country (Utah State)
  • Eli Hazlett, boys track/cross-country (BYU)



  • Carlee Cobb, girls soccer (Shoreline CC, Washington)
  • Zack Parkin, baseball (Knox, Illinois)



  • Thomas Coates, boys wrestling (Luther College, Iowa)
  • Ashlee Edwards, girls basketball (Snow College)
  • Bailey Frischknecht, softball (SLCC)
  • Erin Hurst, girls track/cross-country (Dixie State)
  • Joseph Mecham, boys wrestling (Gardner Webb, North Carolina)
  • Maddison Peterson, softball (Weber State)
  • Wyatt Teggins, boys track/cross-country (Colorado Mesa)
  • Parker Thomas, baseball (SLCC)
  • Porter Whitworth, boys track/cross-country (BYU)


Green Canyon

  • Sabree Adams, volleyball (Northwest CC, Wyoming)
  • Bryce Christensen, football (Rochester CC, Minnesota.)
  • Kennedy Eskelson, girls basketball (Snow College)
  • Kinley Falslev, girls basketball (Utah State)
  • Shante’ Falslev, girls basketball/volleyball (Northwest CC, Wyoming)
  • Taylor Hinds, girls basketball (Peninsula College, Washington)
  • Kylie Olsen, girls soccer (Utah State)
  • Tristan Reece, football (Benedictine, Illinois)
  • Jordyn Thompson, girls basketball (Peninsula College, Washington)
  • Paige Tuckey, volleyball (Dawson CC, Montana)
  • Jacie Walker, volleyball (Northwest CC, Wyoming)

Gunnison Valley

  • Jade Wimmer, girls track/cross-country (Colorado Mesa)


  • Cody Atkinson, baseball (Clark College, Wash.)
  • Gavin Beierie, boys track/cross-country (Utah State)
  • Bronson Chapple, baseball (Lassen CC, California)
  • Dylan Checketts, boys lacrosse (Colorado Mesa)
  • Richelle Chukong, girls lacrosse (Southern Virginia)
  • Bryson Clayton, baseball (Lassen CC, California)
  • Callie Davis, girls basketball (Treasure Valley CC, Oregon)
  • Logan Eldredge, girls lacrosse (Fresno State)
  • Kepu Fifita, football (Santa Rose, California)
  • McKenna Gough, softball (Snow College)
  • Carter Guiness, boys track/cross-country (Utah State)
  • Aubree Hogan, softball (UVU)
  • Ainsley Hyland, girls soccer (Treasure Valley CC, Oregon)
  • Bridger Isbell, boys track/cross-country (UVU)
  • Maya Jones, girls soccer (Casper, Wyoming)
  • Maddie Kelleher, girls lacrosse (Westminster)
  • Hannah Kelleher, girls lacrosse (Westminster)
  • Mana Kula, football (SUU)
  • Porter LaChance, football (Dixie State)
  • Ngana Leakehe, football (Mt. San Antonio, Texas)
  • Carter Pearce, football (SUU)
  • Kase Peterson, boys basketball (Southwestern Oregon)
  • Tyson Ready, football (Mount San Antonio, Calif.)
  • Lily Quealy, girls track/cross-country (Utah State)
  • Seth Robertson, boys track/cross-country (UVU)
  • Aiden Shaw, boys lacrosse (Belmont Abbey, North Carolina)
  • Marley Strasters, girls lacrosse (Colorado Mesa)
  • Jayda Van Dyke, girls basketball (SLCC)


Riverton quarterback Jaxson Howard (16) is sacked on third down by Herriman lineman Ngana Leakehe (23) during the first half of a high school football game at Riverton High School in Riverton on Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019.

Riverton quarterback Jaxson Howard (16) is sacked on third down by Herriman lineman Ngana Leakehe (23) during the first half of a high school football game at Riverton High School in Riverton on Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019.

Colter Peterson, Deseret News


  • Cecilia Abalos, girls soccer (Snow College)
  • Taliana Kaufusi, girls soccer (Utah)
  • Annie Murdock, girls track/cross-country (Utah)
  • Rodrick Tialavea, football (Washington State)
  • Nate Warr, boys basketball (Southwestern Oregon)
  • Colton White, football (Assumption, Massachusetts)


  • Nate Berg, boys basketball (Green River CC, Washington)
  • Morgan Miller, girls soccer/track (Occidental, California)
  • Annyka Scherschligt, girls soccer (Idaho State)
  • Arleigh Sorensen, girls basketball (Lane CC, Oregon)



  • Diego Cruz, boys soccer (Southern Nevada)
  • Yissel Navaro, girls soccer (Casper, Wyoming)
  • Lucas Rogerson, boys soccer (Peninsula CC, Washington)
  • Abby Tapia, girls soccer (Casper, Wyoming)


  • Lillian Guzman, girls lacrosse (Southern Virginia)
  • Anna Hall, girls soccer (Iowa Western)
  • Madelyn Hatch, girls soccer (Tyler CC, Texas)
  • Ethan Kochel, boys water polo (McKendree, Illinois)
  • Mylee Moon, girls track/cross-country (BYU)
  • Hailey Odekirk, girls track/cross-country (UVU)
  • SaRiya Sims, girls track/cross-country (Weber State)
  • Brock Starley, football (Minnesota West CC) — will also play baseball

Intermountain Christian

  • Seth Brooks, boys soccer (Faith Baptist) — preferred walk-on
  • Caleb Koski, boys basketball (Central Wyoming)
  • Brayden Stoddard, baseball (Minnesota West)
  • AJ Owen, boys basketball (Green River, Wash.) — preferred walk-on



  • Kylee Bluemel, girls soccer (Ottawa, Arizona.)
  • Kailey Brecke, girls soccer (Shoreline CC, Washington)
  • Dyson Koehler, boys basketball (Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo)
  • Rickey Medina, baseball (Mt. Hood CC, Oregon)
  • Nate Maiava, boys basketball (Mt. Hood CC, Oregon)
  • Emily Moss, girls basketball (SLCC)
  • Camden Stephens, baseball (Chandler CC, Arizona)
  • Kale Wakley, football (Utah State) — preferred walk-on



  • Zac Cowan, football (Rochester CC, Minnesota)
  • Stormie Gee, softball (Snow College)
  • Blake Mangelson, football (BYU) — preferred walk-on
  • Raidyn Steele, baseball (Walla Walla CC, Washington)
  • Ronnie Walker, girls track/cross-country (SUU)


Judge Memorial

  • Riley Bouillon, boys golf (Central Wyoming)
  • Emily Malouf, girls track/cross-country (Westminster)
  • Deng Mayar, boys basketball (Western Texas)
  • Michael Stokes, football (Benedictine, Illinois)
  • Jack Terrill, boys soccer (Dixie State)



Judge Memorial’s Anthony Aguilar Padilla, Dominic Arias and Jack Terrill, left to right, celebrate after Arias scored against American Leadership Academy in a 3A boys soccer semifinals game at Juan Diego Catholic High School in Draper on Thursday, May 9, 2019.

Spenser Heaps, Deseret News

Juan Diego

  • Kemari Bailey, football (Idaho)
  • Xavier Carlton, football (Utah)
  • Kamry Pan, girls basketball (Mt. Hood CC, Oregon)
  • Kiely Rasmussen, girls basketball (Denver)



  • Isaiah Afatasi, football (Utah State)
  • Estrella Farias, girls soccer (Iowa Lakes)
  • Dakota Lynde, football (Ottawa, Kansas)



  • Abby Fotheringham, girls soccer (Snow College)
  • Marcus Garza, baseball (Southern Virginia)
  • Anastasia Godfrey, girls golf (Spokane CC, Washington)
  • Collin Haygood, baseball (Southwestern Oregon)
  • Maci Harrop, volleyball (USU Eastern)
  • Aidan Harris, boys wrestling (Iowa Central CC)
  • Riley Hill, baseball (Southern Virginia)
  • Tyson Humpherys, boys wrestling (UVU)
  • Kathleen Janis, girls wrestling (King’s College, Pennsylvania)
  • Tanner Kofoed, baseball (SLCC)
  • Eli Nixon, boys soccer (UVU)
  • Brynlee Roberts, girls soccer (Dixie State)



  • Emily Badger, volleyball (Colorado Northwest CC)
  • Lexi Butterfield, softball (Western Nebraska)
  • Anna Martin, girls track/cross-country (BYU)
  • Carsen Manookin, football (Snow College)
  • Jaxon Southard, football (Itasca CC, Minnesota)
  • Jacob Vasquez, football (Snow College)



  • Jared Bagley, boys basketball (Umpqua CC, Oregon)
  • Fernando Chavez, boys soccer (Midland, Nebraska)
  • Tennyson Hadfield, football (Dixie State)
  • Whitney Lopez, girls soccer (Utah State)
  • Anthony McDade, boys basketball (Green River, Washington)
  • Brayden Roberts, boys basketball (Snow College)

Lone Peak

  • Alvey Alger, volleyball (Westminster)
  • Chip Beck, baseball (SLCC)
  • Ryder Christensen, baseball (Embry Riddle, Florida)
  • Connor Finlayson, football (Weber State)
  • Jared Fotu, football (Dixie State)
  • Trey Gambill, baseball (SLCC)
  • Katie Houston, girls soccer (Florida Atlantic)
  • Nicole Ray, girls soccer (UVU)
  • Nate Ritchie, football (Utah)
  • Carson Smith, football (Dixie State)
  • Addy Symmonds, girls soccer (Utah State)
  • Jordan Tiffany, boys swimming (Tennessee)
  • Daniel Yamada, football (Dixie State)
  • McKayla Wetsel, girls soccer (Idaho State)
  • Shawn Wood, football (Weber State)


  • Nicole Nelson, girls soccer (Snow College)

Judge Memorial’s Madi Tartaro and Manti’s Nicole Nelson go after the ball as they play in the 3A soccer championship at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy on Saturday, Oct. 26, 2019. Rowland Hall won in a shootout after two overtime periods. Manti won in the second overtime 1-0.

Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

Maple Mountain

  • Christian Bainter, baseball (Southern Idaho)
  • Orlando Corona, baseball (McKendree, Illinois)
  • Hailey Cox, girls wrestling (McKendree, Illinois)
  • Paola Garcia, girls soccer (BYU)
  • Makiah Herrin, girls soccer (UVU)
  • Justyce Strassberg, softball (Idaho State)



  • Bryson Barnes, football (Utah) — preferred walk-on



  • Austin Burraston, football (Concordia, Minnesota)

Monument Valley

  • Jamika Nelson, girls basketball (American Indian College, Arizona)
  • Tanner Tsinigine, boys wrestling (Mesa CC, Colorado)



  • Jarett Jorgensen, boys wrestling (Embry Riddle, Florida)
  • Karly Peterson, softball (Big Bend CC, Washington)


Mountain Crest

  • Jordan Flippence, volleyball (Central Wyoming)
  • Eddie Huerta, football (SUU)
  • Annie Naser, girls soccer (Snow College)
  • Ellie Parker, girls soccer (Snow College)
  • Jessica Touchard, softball (Southern Idaho)

Mountain Ridge

  • April Francom, volleyball (Southwestern Oregon)
  • Shalee Jensen, softball (Dixie State)
  • Sydney Shober, softball (Treasure Valley CC, Oregon)
  • Brynne Tolley, softball (Southern Idaho)


Mountain View

  • Duce Anderson, football (SUU)
  • Hallie Fernandez, girls soccer (UVU)
  • Alexis Harris, softball (USU Eastern)
  • Nicole Riley, girls soccer (Casper, Wyoming)
  • Mackenzi Smith, girls track/cross-country (UVU)
  • Samiana Suguturaga, girls basketball (Snow College)
  • Elena Wallace, volleyball (SLCC)
  • Mia Wesley, volleyball (Portland, Oregon)
  • Tai White, boys basketball (Pierce CC, Washington)



  • Ben Bean, baseball (Bakersfield, California)
  • Kaden Boyle, baseball (Blue Mountain CC, Oregon)
  • Davis Foster, baseball (USU Eastern)
  • Connor Jorgensen, football (Snow College)
  • Ryan King, football (Minnesota State CC)
  • Owen Madsen, football (Minnesota State CC)
  • Austin Murray, boys soccer (Snow College)
  • Isaac Norton, baseball (USU Eastern)
  • Ray Okialda, football (Jameston, North Dakota)
  • Connor Preece, baseball (Menlo, California)
  • Autjoe Soe, football (Montana)
  • Riley Thompson, water polo (Mount Saint Mary’s, Maryland)
  • Tristan White, Boys soccer (SLCC)



  • Max Burtts, boys basketball (Forest Grove, Oregon)
  • Tiani Fonoti, girls soccer (Canisius)
  • Trey Simms, boys basketball (Central Wyoming)
  • Keziah Stutzman, softball (Southeastern CC, Iowa)
  • Otto Tia, football (Utah State)

North Sanpete

  • Isabelle Hightower, girls track/cross-country (Southwestern Oregon)
  • Connor Jorgensen, football (Snow College)
  • Wade Stansfield, rodeo (Southern Idaho)

North Sanpete’s Isabelle Hightower, center, competes in the Class 3A 100-meter dash against Juab’s Ronnie Walker, right, and Richfield’s Passion Reitz during the state track and field championship at BYU’s Clarence F. Robison Track and Field Complex in Provo on Saturday, May 19, 2018.

Jacob Wiegand, Deseret News

North Sevier

  • Kamree Brunson, softball (Otero, Colorado)
  • Rylan Crane, baseball (Benedictine, Arizona)


North Summit

  • Kennedy McQueen, girls basketball (Utah)
  • Tyler Scheurn, boys wrestling (Western Wyoming)



  • Alysia Butters, girls soccer (Utah State)
  • DJ Frye, boys basketball (Big Bend CC, Washington)
  • Anabel Hasser, girls soccer (Edmunds CC, Washington)
  • Kadrey Howell, girls soccer (SLCC)
  • Mackenzie Kalista, girls soccer (USU Eastern)



  • Hunter Birdsley, football (Utah) — preferred walk-on
  • Monet Clough, girls basketball (Whatcom CC, Washington)
  • Emerson Conlon, football (Utah State) — preferred walk-on
  • Scott Edwards, football (Stanford)
  • Ryan Garstang, boys swimming (Utah)
  • Chase Hopkins, football (BYU) — preferred walk-on
  • Meiko Johnson, girls wrestling (Dixie State)
  • Nathaniel Lowe, boys basketball (Macalester, Minnesota)
  • Madelyn McNary, girls soccer (Dixie State)
  • Halle Munson, girls soccer (Utah State)
  • Uriah Te’o, football (Snow College)
  • Ryan Thomas, football (SUU)



  • Camden Decker, baseball (BYU)
  • Gentry Gibson, girls soccer (Weber State)
  • Taye Raymond, girls track/cross-country (BYU)
  • Addison Richards, girls swimming (BYU)
  • Jakob Robinson, football (Utah State)
  • Noah Sewell, football (Oregon)
  • Cayden Viertel, football (Snow College)



  • Taylia Norris, girls track/cross-country (Utah State)


Park City

  • Dylan Bauer, boys lacrosse (Johns Hopkins, Maryland)
  • Brady Baumann, boys lacrosse (Marist, New York)
  • Paul Baynes, boys track/cross-country (Notre Dame)
  • Zack Blaszak, baseball (SLCC)
  • Audrey Buchanan, girls lacrosse (Hartford, Connecticut)
  • Remy Eichner, girls soccer (SUU)
  • Jackson Holman, boys golf (South Mountain CC, Arizona)
  • Ryan Jeffrey, baseball (Iowa Western CC)
  • Chase Johansen, football (Montana)
  • Eli Kimche, boys golf (Dartmouth)
  • Mark McCurdy, football (Davidson)
  • Audrey McDonald, girls swimming (San Diego State)
  • Luke McCall, boys lacrosse (Washington & Lee, Virginia)
  • Andrew Pederson, boys lacrosse (Princeton, New Jersey)
  • Lauren Pederson, girls lacrosse (Virginia)


  • Cole Jensen, boys wrestling (Western Wyoming)
  • Hailey Meek, girls basketball (Mt. Hood CC, Oregon)
  • Tucker Naccarato, boys wrestling (Providence, Montana)


Pine View

  • Macloud Crowton, football (Idaho)
  • Jessica Hill, girls track/cross-country (Weber State)
  • Uelese Matavao, football (Alma, Michigan)
  • AJ McCarroll, football (SUU)
  • Izaiah Moten, football (SUU)
  • Kaitlin Roundy, softball (Iowa Lakes)
  • Jared Sudweeks, boys basketball (Umpqua CC, Oregon)


Pleasant Grove

  • Bryton Bishop, volleyball (UVU)
  • Shea Christiansen, girls soccer (Weber State)
  • Jamari Egbert, boys basketball (Dakota College at Bottineau, North Dakota)
  • Jade Horsley, volleyball (SLCC)
  • Abbie Miller, volleyball (UVU)
  • Reba Rich, softball (Olympic College, Wash.)
  • Kenna Sparks, girls soccer (Dixie State)
  • Cassidy Teuscher, girls track/cross-country (Southern Mississippi)
  • CJ Wiggins, boys soccer (USU Eastern)



Pleasant Grove outside hitter Bryton Bishop (14), defensive specialist Jade Horsley (3), middle blocker Heather Hamson (13) and libero Chloie Brinton (21) celebrate a point during the 6A high school state finals match at the UCCU Center on the Utah Valley University campus in Orem on Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019.

Colter Peterson, Deseret News

Providence Hall

  • Jacob Mondragon, football (Rocky Mountain College, Montana)


  • Mason Cobb, football (Oklahoma State)
  • Drason Havea, football (BYU)
  • Keegan Kemp, boys soccer (Gillette, Wyoming)
  • Walker Moore, baseball (Northwest Nazarene, Idaho)
  • Bryan Rojas, baseball (Lane CC, Oregon)
  • Maryn Stoddard, girls soccer (USU Eastern)
  • Bryson Taukeiaho, football (Dixie State)
  • James Tomasi, football (Air Force)
  • Sione Tuha, football (Utah)



  • Morgan Albrecht, baseball (Southern Idaho)
  • Hayden Harward, boys track/cross-country (SUU)
  • Jordyn Moon, girls basketball (North Platte CC, Nebraska)
  • Passion Reitz, girls basketball (Snow College)
  • Josh Thalman, boys basketball (Southern Nevada)
  • Sisilia Vakautakakala, volleyball (Snow College)



  • Emma Anderson, girls basketball (College of Idaho)
  • Mason Bowler, baseball (SLCC)
  • Cameron Dahle, football (Utah) — preferred walk-on
  • Peighton Harward, girls soccer (Western Wyoming)
  • Brayli Jenks, girls basketball (Southern Idaho)
  • Abbie Kotter, girls soccer (BYU)
  • Laci Leishman, softball (Dawson CC, Montana)
  • London Miller, girls soccer (UVU)
  • Dax Purser, baseball (SLCC)
  • Olivia Smith, girls track/cross-country (Utah State)
  • Kaleb Smullin, boys basketball (Pacific, California)
  • Aspen Wallin, girls soccer/hockey (Finlandia, Michigan)
  • Tia Washington, softball (Dawson CC, Montana)
  • Samantha Wiser, girls soccer (Casper, Wyoming)



  • Parker Applegate, baseball (USU Eastern)
  • Harper Carlston, girls wrestling (Dixie State)
  • Jackson Gorringe, boys soccer (Southern Virginia)
  • Kinlee Hatfield, girls basketball (Mt. Hood CC, Oregon)
  • Jarom Hyde, boys soccer (Snow College)
  • Avalon Miller, girls basketball (South Plains CC, Texas)
  • Hanna Roberts, girls basketball (Treasure Valley CC, Oregon)
  • Tanner Rogers, girls track/cross-country (Weber State)
  • Madi Seegmiller, girls track/cross-country (UVU)

Rowland Hall

  • Isaiah Adams, boys basketball (Buena Vista, Iowa)
  • Giselle Bodeen, girls soccer (Lewis & Clark, Oregon)
  • Jordan Crockett, girls soccer (Denver)
  • Anna Fukushima, girls soccer (Occidental, California)
  • Giorgio Gianoulis, boys golf (Trinity, Texas)
  • Oscar Percy, boys basketball (Muhlenberg, Pennsylvania)



  • Cormac Boyer, football (Snow College)
  • Brenna Cragun, girls soccer (Western Wyoming)
  • Darby Delgado, girls soccer (Central Wyoming)
  • Dylan Dingman, girls soccer (Central Wyoming)
  • AJ Estes, baseball (Ottawa, Kansas)
  • Kiley Hill, softball (Iowa Lakes)
  • Jerika Isaacson, girls soccer (Lower Columbia, Washington)
  • Justin Kirkland, football (Dixie State)
  • Calle Morgan, girls track/cross-country (Southern Idaho)
  • Cannon Panfiloff, football (Dixie State)
  • Christopher Porm, baseball (Nazarene, Idaho)
  • Jacob Porter, boys track/cross-country (Southern Idaho)
  • Jaslyn Tapia, girls soccer (Laramie CC, Wyoming)


RSL Academy

  • AJ Ciampini, boys soccer (Dixie State)
  • Grace Fox, girls soccer (Columbia State CC, Tennessee)
  • Avy Galata, girls soccer (SLCC)
  • Bre Johnson, girls soccer (Iowa Western)
  • Nik Kizerian, boys soccer (San Francisco)
  • Erwin Martinez, boys soccer (UVU)
  • Christian Molina, boys soccer (SLCC)
  • Koby Olsen, boys soccer (Arizona Christian)
  • Kiana Pippin, girls soccer (Yakima Valley, Washington)
  • Hanna Reid, girls soccer (Purdue, Iowa)
  • Nephi Rose, boys soccer (Ottawa, Arizona)
  • Richard Ruiz, boys soccer (Gonzaga, Washington)
  • Leslie Serrato, girls soccer (Northeastern, Colorado)
  • Derrick Silva, boys soccer (UCLA)


Salem Hills

  • Derek Burton, football (Snow College)
  • Kyle Coburn, baseball (UVU)
  • Gavin Hardy, boys basketball (Southern Virginia)
  • Miah Hartvigsen, softball (Moorehead-Minnesota St.)
  • Chase Higginson, baseball (Southern Idaho)
  • John Nelson, football (BYU)
  • Hailee Oldroyd, volleyball (Snow College)
  • Cooper Loveridge, baseball (Air Force)
  • Brook Vance, girls basketball (Dixie State)


San Juan

  • Kian Conway, football (Black Hills St., South Dakota)
  • Randall Flavel, football (Dixie State)
  • Delaney Palmer, volleyball (Western Colorado)



  • Thomas Boyden, boys track/cross-country (Stanford)
  • Cosette Charles, girls lacrosse (Westminster)
  • Emma Clark, girls basketball (Treasure Valley CC, Oregon)
  • Ani Jensen, girls soccer (Portland State)
  • Adam Koblanski, boys soccer (Westminster)
  • Amit Lustgarten, girls basketball (Utah State)
  • Connor Robb-Wilcox, boys tennis (Vanderbilt, Tennessee)
  • Bella Roden, girls basketball (Mt. Hood CC, Oregon)
  • Ellis Spikner, boys soccer (Oregon State)
  • Kate Vorwaller, girls basketball (BYU)
  • Claire Whisenant, girls golf (Pomona College, California)



  • Ainsley Barlow, girls soccer (Dixie State)
  • Grace Beeston, girls soccer (UVU)
  • Rachel Billings, softball (Herkimer College, N,Y.)
  • Porter Brackett, boys golf (Glendale CC, Arizona)
  • Tailyn Bradshaw, girls soccer (SLCC)
  • Luke Brower, boys basketball (Highline CC, Washington)
  • Nicholas Bryant, baseball (BYU)
  • Hadley Cowan, boys wrestling (Southern Virginia)
  • Dakota Dixon, football (SUU)
  • Paige Easter, girls soccer (UVU)
  • London Granata, girls soccer (SLCC)
  • Loyal Holm, boys wrestling (Southern Virginia)
  • James Horberger, boys wrestling (Dixie State)
  • Braden Housley, boys basketball (SUU)
  • Kate Laudie, girls soccer (Dixie State)
  • Isaac Lee, boys soccer (Snow College)
  • Brooklyn Lundell, girls basketball (Lower Columbia, Washington)
  • Aspen Peterson, girls soccer (SLCC)
  • Adam Pond, football (SUU)
  • Ioholani Raass, football (UCLA)
  • Kai Roberts, baseball (Utah)
  • Dylan Samuels, football (Weber State)
  • Trevon Snoddy, boys basketball (Dixie State)
  • Malae Tanuvasa, football (Utah) — preferred walk-on


Sky View

  • Darwin Anderson, boys swimming (BYU)
  • Shaylee Davis, softball (Northland Community & Tech, Minnesota)
  • Justice Ena, football (Utah State)
  • Mason Falslev, boys basketball (Utah)
  • Traeson Martindale, football (Mary, North Dakota)
  • Scout Morris, football (Utah State) — preferred walk-on
  • Sam Phipps, boys basketball (Southern Idaho)
  • Ryan Seamons, boys golf (UVU)



The announcer introduces Sky View’s guard Mason Falslev (12) during the 4A boys championship basketball game at the Dee Events Center in Ogden on Saturday, Feb. 29, 2020.

Ivy Ceballo, Deseret News

Snow Canyon

  • Alex Deming, softball (USU Eastern)
  • Emily Leavitt, volleyball (North Idaho)
  • Brock Nowatzke, football (Utah) — preferred walk-on
  • Heidi Smith, girls soccer (Utah State)


South Sevier

  • Tristan Fillmore, boys wrestling (Providence, Montana)
  • Jett High, boys wrestling (Concordia, Nebraska)
  • Kenzie Jones, girls track/cross-country (Northern Arizona)
  • Brandt Williams, boys basketball (Eastern Wyoming)


Spanish Fork

  • Austin Butler, boys swimming (Utah)
  • Wyatt Crandall, rodeo (Ranger, Texas)
  • Wyatt Davis, rodeo (UVU)
  • Jace Hanks, rodeo (UVU)
  • Dax Hill, rodeo (Ranger, Texas)
  • Aaron Jensen, football (Southern Virginia)
  • Madi Lackey, softball (Snow College)
  • Remington Newell, boys golf (Eastern Wyoming)
  • Mason Olsen, baseball (Southern Idaho)
  • Koby Parry, boys track/cross-country (BYU)
  • Allie Richardson, girls track/cross-country (Dixie State)
  • Jade Rindlisbacher, rodeo (UVU)
  • Morgan Rushton, girls basketball (Big Bend CC, Washington)
  • Jami Kovatch, girls soccer (Southern Virginia)



  • Braxton Armstrong, boys swimming (Wisconsin-Green Bay)
  • Sage Bowers, softball (Snow College)
  • Macy Clements, girls soccer (USU Eastern)
  • Breanna Eves, girls soccer (UVU)
  • Cameron Green, boys swimming (Harvard)
  • Madison Henderson, girls soccer (Dixie State)
  • Jonathan Holman, boys track/cross-country (BYU)
  • Paul Terry, boys basketball (Spokane CC, Washington)
  • Zach Visentin, boys basketball (Idaho State)
  • Tara Warner, girls soccer (BYU)


  • Josh Oblad, boys track/cross-country (Weber State)
  • Peyton Thevenot, boys golf (John A. Logan, Illinois)

St Joseph

  • Sayveon Armstrong, volleyball (Trinity College, Florida)

Summit Academy

  • JT Kupiec, football (Snow College)
  • Sam Stroud, girls soccer (Shoreline CC, Washington)



  • Ty Burke, football (BYU)
  • Ashlyn Hall, girls soccer (SLCC)
  • Ellie Lamb, girls golf (Southern Virginia)
  • Josh Rassi, boys wrestling (Southern Virginia)
  • Rainee Schenck, girls basketball (Highline, Washington)
  • Trey Schofield, baseball (Treasure Valley CC, Oregon)
  • Haley Shaw, volleyball (Walla Walla CC, Washington)
  • Kelsey Steed, girls soccer (Utah State)
  • Kade Stever, boys soccer (Treasure Valley CC, Oregon)
  • LynDea Turner, girls swimming (Southwestern Oregon)
  • Kamryn Wiese, volleyball (USU Eastern)
  • Madison Yamashita, girls soccer (Shoreline CC, Washington)



  • Olivia Ashton, volleyball (Southeastern CC)
  • Sadie Atkinson, softball (SLCC)
  • Chanel Espara, softball (Midland, Texas)
  • Kaluti Heimuli, football (Snow College)
  • Mailee Make, softball (SLCC)
  • Cameron Millican, boys basketball (Everett CC, Washington)
  • Hunter Smith, baseball (SLCC)
  • Reagan Tolley, girls hockey (Concordia-Ann Arbor)



  • Macmillan Aloisio, football (BYU)
  • Kinsley Barrington, girls basketball (SUU)
  • Akalia Bostock, girls swimming (Dixie State)
  • Lily Haskins, girls soccer (UVU)
  • Kate Hansen, girls swimming (BYU)
  • Alondra Hernandez, volleyball (Central Wyoming)
  • Ellie Jacob, girls soccer (SLCC)
  • Solo Langi, football (Utah)
  • Sione Moa, football (Navy)
  • Waisale Muavesi, football (UNLV)
  • Rachel Oyler, girls swimming (BYU)
  • Logan Pili, football (BYU)
  • Anna Pinegar, girls soccer (SLCC)
  • Tylor Stubbs, football (SUU)
  • Charley Turner, volleyball (SLCC)
  • Illa Tu’ua, volleyball (North Idaho)



  • Trey Anderson, boys basketball (Green River, Washington)
  • Ky Decker, baseball (Lane CC, Oregon)
  • Azelia Dickinson, girls soccer (Dixie State)
  • Kara Hartle, girls soccer (Weber State)
  • Paxton Richards, baseball (UVU)


  • Ryder Bigler, baseball (Dixie State)
  • Owen Larson, boys wrestling (Iowa Wesleyan) — also cross-country



  • Bryerly Avina, softball (Colorado Mesa)
  • Alexis Bender, softball (Colby CC, Kansas)
  • Clay Freeman, baseball (Treasure Valley CC, Oregon)
  • Nukuluve Helu, football (BYU)
  • Makenna McCloy, girls track/cross-country (Utah)
  • Brett Porthan, baseball (Dixie State)
  • Mason Tate, boys soccer (USU Eastern)



  • Shaylee Avila, girls track/cross-country (SUU)
  • August Harrison, boys wrestling (Northwest College, Wyoming)
  • Ellie Hartman, volleyball (Colorado Northwestern CC)
  • Malorie Luck, softball (USU Eastern)
  • Delaynee McKeachnie, girls soccer (Southern Virginia)
  • Dylan Swift, boys wrestling (Colorado Mesa)


  • Lincoln Labrum, football (Adams State, Colorado)
  • Rhett Nebeker, rodeo (UVU)
  • Ellison Weaver, volleyball (California State, Stanislaus)
  • Keaston Young, boys basketball (Blue Mountain CC, Oregon)



  • Gavin Chowen, boys basketball (New Mexico Military)
  • Alex Harrison, football (Utah)
  • Brandon Robison, boys golf (Utah)



  • Riley Arnold, softball (Dawson CC, Montana)
  • Jude Ballstaedt, boys basketball (Everett CC, Washington)
  • Mandy Belnap, girls basketball (Treasure Valley, CC, Oregon)
  • Quincy Downey, girls soccer (SLCC)
  • Will Harris, boys basketball (Umpqua CC, Oregon)
  • Sydney Hiatt, girls soccer (Casper, Wyoming)
  • Annie Hill, girls track/x-country (Utah State)
  • Mayson Kelley, girls soccer (Casper, Wyoming)
  • Ellie Martindale, volleyball (Snow College)
  • Greyson Mercer, boys soccer (Michigan State) — preferred walk-on
  • Aspyn Newman, girls basketball (Penn State Hazelton)
  • Stockton O’Brien, boys wrestling (UVU)
  • Noah Turley, baseball (Utah)
  • Zac Webster, baseball (Mesa CC, Ariz.)
  • Ashlee Wood, girls basketball (Western Wyoming)

Annie Hill, of Wasatch, center, competes in the 5A 100 meter hurdles during the state high school track meet at BYU in Provo on Thursday, May 16, 2019.

Steve Griffin, Deseret News


Wasatch Academy

  • Leonardo Colimerio, boys basketball (Fresno State)
  • Ashley Lagat, girls track/cross-country (Trinidad State, Colorado)
  • Caleb Lohner, boys basketball (TBD)
  • Purity Kattam, girls track/cross-country (New Mexico JC)
  • Mike Saunders, boys basketball (Cincinnati)
  • Richie Saunders, boys basketball (BYU)
  • Ben Sparks, boys track/cross-country (Culver-Stockton, Missouri)
  • Duda Raimundo, girls basketball (New Mexico JC)
  • Debora Reis, girls basketball (South Plains, Texas)
  • Mady Sissoko, boys basketball (Michigan State)



  • Jaimeson Meyer, girls lacrosse (Navy)



  • Baylee Blanchard, softball (Weber State)
  • Maranda Dee, softball (Snow College)
  • Kohl Hogan, football (Snow College)
  • Josh Maughn, boys soccer (USU Eastern)
  • Yira Yoggerst, girls soccer (Weber State)



  • Alana Henderson, girls track/cross-country (Southwestern Oregon)



  • Pule Alo, football (Utah State)
  • Valeti Amone, volleyball (Northeastern, Colorado)
  • Whitney Banz, girls golf/basketball (Westminster)
  • Asia Fauga, softball (SLCC)
  • Jayden Johnson, boys wrestling (New Mexico Highlands)
  • Phoenix Johnson, baseball (Bellevue, Neb.)
  • Trey Johnson, football (SUU)
  • Leinata Leakehe, volleyball (East Central, Missouri)
  • Ilaisaane Leetham, volleyball (Brea, Kentucky)
  • Kensey Lopati, softball (SLCC)
  • Dana Manu, volleyball (New Mexico Military)
  • Kaylani Reis, volleyball (Arizona Western)
  • Daisy Taloa, softball (Grand Canyon, Arizona)
  • Abraham Williams, football (Weber State)


West Jordan

  • Ryan Bryson, football (Albright, Pennsylvania)
  • Drea Fernandez, volleyball (Central CC, Nebraska)
  • Key Gravitt, volleyball (Snow College)
  • Isaiah Lapale, football (Snow College)
  • Alyssia Marquez, girls track/cross-country (Westminster)
  • Sherry Nima, girls track/cross-country (Utah)
  • Gentry Pierce, girls track/cross-country (Utah)
  • Kalisi Vanisi, volleyball (Chemekta CC, Oregton)



  • Abby Barrus, girls track/cross-country (UVU)
  • Kamden Beck, boys soccer (Snow College)
  • Halle Carpenter, softball (Snow College)
  • Gavin Coe, boys soccer (Dixie State)
  • Aalilyah Fisher, girls wrestling (Hastings, Nebraska)
  • Alex Fritcher, boys soccer (UVU)
  • Tia Hansen, girls soccer (Snow College)
  • Thomas Kasanicky, boys track/cross-country (Hood, Maryland)
  • Zac Lifferth, boys soccer (Snow College)
  • Emily Martin, girls soccer (Bowling Green, Ohio)
  • Matt Masias, boys track/cross-country (Weber State)
  • MacKenzie Meldrum, girls track/cross-country (Utah State)
  • Ian Quiring, football (Tabor, Kansas)
  • Ericka Scivally, girls soccer (Laramie CC, Wyoming)
  • Jett Vance, football (Weber State)


Woods Cross

  • Ariana Ayala, softball (SLCC)
  • Karson Bodily, baseball (SLCC)
  • Emma Browning, girls soccer (Centralia CC, Washington)
  • Gracie Browning, girls soccer (Shoreline CC, Washington)
  • Jackson Burbidge, football (Southern Virginia)
  • Sicily Ferreira, girls tennis (Weber State)
  • Jake Howe, boys basketball (Everette CC, Washington)
  • Josh Larsen, football (BYU)
  • Katie Longmore, girls soccer (Northern Virginia CC)
  • Savannah McEwan, volleyball (Western Wyoming)