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High school football: Enterprise Wolves 2020 preview

Here’s an in-depth look at the Enterprise Wolves football team heading into the 2020 season.

Note: Enterprise finished with a 6-6 overall record in 2019 and was tied for fourth in 2A South with a 2-4 record. It was RPI seed No. 5 in the 2A playoffs, and was eliminated by Duchesne 28-12 in quarterfinals.

ENTERPRISE — Last year’s season-ending loss to Duchesne in the 2A quarterfinals marked the fifth time in six years that the Enterprise Wolves reached the quarterfinals but couldn’t advance. Given this trend, there’s an obvious question underlining this upcoming season for the Wolves: Can they get over the hump?

With a great amount of experience and continuity, this squad looks like it may have the potential to get the program over that hump. Much of that experience for Enterprise can be found under center with fourth-year starting quarterback Tyler Hiatt, but his three years of starting experience come with high expectations.

“He’s got a great arm and great speed,” head coach Andy Messersmith said. “There’s going to be a lot of weight put on his shoulders this season.”

But Hiatt certainly won’t be without help. He is joined on offense by last season’s second-leading rusher and receiver Bryant Jimenez, along with leading receiver Matt Bowler. The defense will also be well reinforced for the Wolves, as they bring back last year’s top pass-rusher Adam Holt (six sacks) and rock-solid linebacker Jed Beckstrand.

One glance at the Enterprise roster will reveal that proven talent is definitely something that they possess, but can these players perform at a level that will get them over the quarterfinal hump and propel them towards the top tier of the 2A classification? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Enterprise Wolves at a glance

Coach Messersmith’s thoughts on how his players dealt with the COVID-19 adversity in the spring and summer:

“Other than spring we’ve been able to stay at almost our regular pace with lifting and camp. It’s been hard on the kids though. It’s thrown them off a little bit, but I think it’s motivated them to get back at it as well.”

Enterprise Offensive Snapshot

Offensive coordinator: Paul Messersmith

2019 offense: 21.7 ppg (8th in 2A)

2019 offensive statistics
  • 6 returning starters
  • Multiple offense
Returning offensive starters
  • Davis Bracken (C)
  • Adam Holt (TE/OG)
  • Tyler Hiatt (QB)
  • Matt Bowler (WR)
  • Braxton Messersmith (RB)
  • Bryant Jimenez (RB)
Offensive newcomers to watch
  • Dean Bushar (OT)
  • Ty O’Hanley (OT)
Coach Messersmith’s keys for offensive success in 2020:

“We’ve got a lot of speed. We have to be able to run the ball and also mix in some play-action. I feel like in the past we haven’t used our passing game as well as we could’ve, but we have to set the tone first by running the ball.”

Enterprise Defensive Snapshot

Defensive coordinator: Andy Messersmith

2019 defense: 21.0 ppg (5th in 2A)

2019 defensive statistics
  • 6 returning starters
  • 4-2-5 defense
Returning defensive starters
  • Adam Holt (DE)
  • Matt Bowler (CB)
  • Jed Beckstrand (MLB)
  • Tyler Hiatt (S)
  • Braxton Messersmith (CB)
  • Davis Bracken (DT)
Defensive newcomers to watch
  • Colton Barlow (MLB)
Coach Messersmith’s keys for defensive success in 2020:

“We’ve got to have speed. We have to have players knowing their responsibilities. But the biggest thing we have to improve on from last is not giving up big plays. We could slow people down last season but we gave up too many big plays and it killed us.”

Deseret News outlook for 2020

This Enterprise team certainly has an abundance of intrigue. In theory, this appears to be the best chance the Wolves have had in the last six seasons to get over that quarterfinal hump. That, of course, will be easier said than done in a region and classification that is top-heavy in talent. Expect a great season from the Wolves, but the strength of other teams in the 2A classification will make it difficult for them to make a deep playoff push.

Felt’s Facts for Enterprise

  • All-time record: 133-113 (23 years)

  • Region championships: 2 (2005, 2009 co)

  • Playoff appearances: 19

  • All-time playoff record: 15-18

  • State championships: 1 (2003)

  • State championship record: 1-2

  • Most played rivalry: 22 meetings with Parowan dating back to 1997. Enterprise leads 16-6.

Last 5 Seasons

  • 2019 — 6-6 (2-4 in 2A South – 2A Quarterfinals)
  • 2018 — 5-6 (2-3 in 2A South – 2A Quarterfinals)
  • 2017 — 2-7 (1-4 in 2A South – 2A First round)
  • 2016 — 8-3 (3-2 in 2A South – 2A Quarterfinals)
  • 2015 — 5-6 (2-3 in 2A South – 2A Quarterfinals)

Enterprise coaching history

  • 2016-current — Andy Messersmith (21-22)
  • 2012-2015 — Malin Williams (20-21)

  • 2007-2011 — Barry Jones (30-23)

  • 2005-2006 — Scott Robinson (15-10)

  • 2004 — Dustin Pearce (8-4)

  • 2000-2003 — Randy Hunter (32-13) *1 State Title
  • 1999 — Chris Anderson (2-7)

  • 1997-1998 — Spencer Moody (5-13)

Enterprise All-State at-a-glance

Deseret News First Team all-staters the past 10 years

2019 — Ryan Moody, LB

2018 — Ryan Holt, RB

2018 — Jack Lee, DL

2016 — Jayson Holt, QB/DB

2016 — Jesus Morales, OL/LB

2015 — Joey Paine, OL/DL

2015 — Wyatt Peterson, OL/LB

2014 — Kelton Hunt, RB/LB

  • 2014 — Chad Beckstrand, OL/LB
  • 2013 — Kelton Hunt, RB/LB

  • 2011 — Ryan West, RB/LB

  • 2011 — Sage Palmer, WR/DB

  • 2010 — Slade Moyle, QB/DB

  • 2010 — Jade Hulet, RB/LB