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Third time’s the charm: West Jordan takes a thrilling 35-28 double-overtime win over Hunter

Why three proved West Jordan’s lucky number in securing its first win of the year over the Wolverines

WEST JORDAN — The third time proved to be the charm in several ways during West Jordan’s thrilling 35-28 double-overtime win over Hunter on Friday.

From finally punching it through when given a third opportunity in regulation to Jaguar quarterback Boston Farmer running for his third touchdown of the game, it all paid off big in the end.

“We needed this one and I’m just so proud of the kids for sticking with it and finally making it happen,” said West Jordan coach Carson Mund. “Hopefully this is a win that can give us some momentum going into the rest of the season.”

The Jaguars fell to a 21-14 deficit at the half and couldn’t quite manage another score until the final minutes of regulation. Fortunately the defense kept Hunter out of the end zone, allowing the multiple scoring opportunities to not ultimately scatter Mund’s team’s chances at a win.

“We had it inside the 10-yard line on two different occasions late in the game, but just couldn’t finish it off,” Mund said. “Fortunately we finally got that last one to send it into overtime.”

That last one in regulation came off a 1-yard run from Farmer to tie things at 21-21 with just 3:35 remaining. A failed field goal opportunity from Hunter on the next possession sent the game into overtime, where Farmer picked up where he left off, running it in again from 1 yard out to tie it up at 28-28.

Given the first possession of the second overtime period, it was yet again Farmer taking into the end zone from 12 yards out for his third straight touchdown, and more importantly for what proved the game-winning score after Hunter failed to score on its following possession.

“He’s done great for us all year and he’s just a great kid,” Mund said of Farmer. “He’s a 4.0 student and one of our team leaders, and he also helped us a ton on defense in this game. We started him at free safety, and I’m pretty sure he led the team in tackles.”

The win proved to be West Jordan’s first of the year, after losing two tough ones to East during the first week of the season and then to Herriman 17-14 last Friday.

“You look at that game against East, and we were in it until things started to fall apart for us in the fourth quarter,” Mund said. “And then we just couldn’t close it against Herriman late, losing that one just 17-14 after we led for most of it.”

Again, the third time proved to be the charm when given a third opportunity to pull out a close game.

“It just shows the determination of our team, and sure, Boston deserves a lot of credit, but the entire team stepped up,” Mund said. “Our offensive line was solid all night and I’m real happy with what our defense was able to do. Hopefully this first win can give us some good momentum and we can continue to improve each week.”