When Sky View lost by seven measly points at last year’s 4A state swim meet, junior Jenna Gibbons remembers the emotion of watching Desert Hills jump in the pool to celebrate its state title while her team stood on deck holding its second-place trophy.

That disappointment and the drive to be the team jumping into the pool at meet’s end was one of the catalysts to a dominant season for Sky View, which capped the season that will forever be remembered for its COVID obstacles with a dominant state meet showing.

Sky View rolled to the 4A title, racking up 332 team points on Saturday at the South Davis Rec Center in Bountiful, followed by rival Ridgeline in second with 262 and Snow Canyon in third with 253 points.

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“It’s so good that we got to finish the season, ‘cause I knew we were going to have a lot of potential this year. It’s really exciting to see how far our team has come,” said Gibbons.

Gibbons was the only Sky View swimmer to stand on the top podium during the medals ceremonies, as she won the 100 breaststroke with a time of 1:054.54. It was one-tenth of a second off of the school record.

Though Sky View finished with one individual, no other team could match its depth across the board.

“You look at some of the relays, and we didn’t finish first in any of the relays, but that’s not always what it’s determined by. We had a team that showed up and worked together and that’s the biggest difference. We had so many girls working together toward the single goal of finishing first,” said Sky View coach Marcus Singleton.

The events were Sky View collected the most points was in the 200 and 500 freestyles, placing three swimmers in the top six in each event.

Allison Dean, Lauren Bassett and Ellie Legler placed third, fifth and sixth in the 200 free, and then in the 500 free it was Legler in second, Sarah Olsen in fifth and Bassett in sixth.

Sky View’s other top individual swimmer was Gibbons, who was runner-up in the 100 butterfly behind Snow Canyon’s Afton Page.

“She had an amazing meet,” Singleton said of Gibbons.

Heading into the state meet, Singleton knew his team was the big favorite after looking at the psych sheet, which projected his team to win by about 40 points. His team ended up winning by 70.

“Even though we went in knowing we’d have a 40 point lead, now we made that bigger. We knew we were going to be ahead, and we made it bigger. We always try and swim up and better ourselves,” said Singleton.

Desert Hills senior Caitlin Romprey was named the 4A top point swimmer of the meet as she won both her individual events, the 200 freestyle and the 100 backstroke.

“It’s a bittersweet thing ‘cause it’s my senior year, but it feels really rewarding after this season,” said Romprey, who will swim at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock next year.

She finishes as a four-time state champ in the backstroke, and with everything that’s gone on with COVID-19 this season was elated to even be swimming at a state meet even though there were no fans permitted.

“With COVID, everything has been very hectic, so it was kind of crossing your fingers and hoping and praying you’d be standing here on deck with all the energy,” said Romprey.

The other multi-event winner on Saturday was Snow Canyon junior Kylie Barber, who won the 50 and 100 freestyle.

The other individual champs were Tooele’s Myra Miller (200 individual medley) and Green Canyon’s Kaylee Coats (500 free)

4A girls state swim meet

Saturday’s finals

At South Davis Rec Center

Team scores

1. Sky View, 332

2. Ridgeline, 262

3. Snow Canyon, 253

4. Green Canyon, 207

5. Desert Hills, 181

6. Tooele, 136

6. Crimson Cliffs, 136

8. Canyon View, 117

Individual results

200 medley relay

1. Green Canyon (Abbey Erickson, Mia Huebner, Rylie Corry, Kaylee Coats), 1:54.14.

2. Snow Canyon, 1:54.26

3. Sky View, 1:54.64

4. Desert Hills, 1:54.90

5. Crimson Cliffs, 1:59.14

6. Canyon View, 2:01.27

7. Tooele, 2:03.57

8. Cedar City, 2:04.95

200 freestyle

1. Caitlin Romprey, Desert Hills, 1:58.92

2. Kaylee Coats, Green Canyon, 2:01.57

3. Allison Dean, Sky View, 2:02.95

4. Mykela Hansen, Desert Hills, 2:04.71

5. Lauren Bassett, Sky View, 2:04.98

6. Ellie Legler, Sky View, 2:06.26

7. Madyson Mickelsen, Bear River, 2:06.60

8. Navie Powell, Ridgeline, 2:07.70

200 individual medley

1. Myra Miller, Tooele, 2:17.29

2. Hailey Rigby, Ridgeline, 2:17.32

3. Allie Schwartz, Sky View, 2:17.41

4. Olivia Jenkins, Snow Canyon, 2:17.86

5. Mia Huebner, Green Canyon, 2:19.56

6. Sarah Olsen, Sky View, 2:22.05

7. Jesi Anderson, Canyon View, 2:23.77

8. Raegan Hopkins, Snow Canyon, 2:24.2

50 freestyle

1. Kylie Barber, Snow Canyon, 24.86

2. Carly Eubanks, Ridgeline, 24.96

3. Kyleigh Messinger, Crimson Cliffs, 25.37

4. Rylie Corry, Green Canyon, 26.38

5. Madi Cook Ridgeline, 26.58

6. Abigail Stratton, Cedar City, 26.66

7. Keira Mannewitz, Sky View, 26.68

8. Kensley Messinger, Crimson Cliffs, 26.74

100 butterfly

1. Afton Page, Snow Canyon, 1:01.53

2. Jenna Gibbons, Sky View, 1:02.47

3. Hailey Rigby, Ridgeline, 1:03.26

4. Rylie Corry, Green Canyon, 1:04.75

5. Katelyn Taylor, Stansbury, 1:05.84

6. Chessy Xu, Logan, 1:06.13

7. Shannon Hyer, Bear River, 1:06.78

8. Jacey Mecham, Sky View, 1:07.96

100 freestyle

1. Kylie Barber, Snow Canyon, 53.09

2. Carly Eubanks, Ridgeline, 54.26

3. Jesi Anderson, Canyon View, 55.72

4. Addison Taylor, Canyon View, 57.08

5. Keira Mannewitz, Sky View, 58.55

6. Mackenzie Hansen, Ridgeline, 1:00.12

7. Lauren von Niederhausern, Tooele, 1:00.40

8. Hailee Phillips, Snow Canyon, 1:01.22

500 freestyle

1. Kaylee Coats, Green Canyon, 5:28.11

2. Ellie Legler, Sky View, 5:32.55

3. Olivia Jenkins, Snow Canyon, 5:32.91

4. Mykela Hansen, Desert Hills, 5:40.57

5. Sarah Olsen, Sky View, 5:42.58

6. Lauren Bassett, Sky View, 5:44.98

7. Emma Brown, Desert Hills, 5:48.93

8. Madison Henry, Crimson Cliffs, 5:49.06

200 freestyle relay

1. Green Canyon (Rylie Corry, Mia Huebner, Abbey Erickson, Kaylee Coats), 1:44.49

2. Ridgeline, 1:44.83

3. Crimson Clifs, 1:45.97

4. Snow Canyon, 1:47.37

5. Sky View, 1:47.82

6. Canyon View, 1:48.50

7. Tooele, 1:48.79

8. Cedar City, 1:52.28

100 backstroke

1. Caitlin Romprey, Desert Hills, 57.11

2. Afton Page, Snow Canyon, 1:01.88

3. Allison Dean, Sky View, 1:02.20

4. Kensley Messinger, Crimson Cliffs, 1:02.90

5. Katelyn Taylor, Stansbury, 1:03.72

6. Navie Powell, Ridgeline, 1:04.73

7. Ivy Warde, Mountain Crest, 1:05.50

8. Mackenzie Hansen, Ridgeline, 1:07.36

100 breaststroke

1. Jenna Gibbons, Sky View, 1:05.54

2. Myra Miller, Tooele, 1:10.32

3. Mia Huebner, Green Canyon, 1:11.30

5. Allie Schwartz, Sky View, 1:11.30

4. Kiley Reynolds, Canyon View, 1:11.47

6. Kyleigh Messinger, Crimson Cliffs, 1:12.37

7. Hailee Phillips, Snow Canyon, 1:15.20

8. Kylee Randle, Tooele, 1:15.37

400 freestyle relay

1. Snow Canyon (Kylie Barber, Hailee Phillips, Olivia Jenkins, Afton Page), 3:44.79

2. Ridgeline, 3:47.25

3. Sky View, 3:48.74

4. Desert Hills, 3:49.18

5. Cedar City, 3:58.07

6. Logan, 4:01.88

7. Mountain Crest, 4:05.66

8. Cedar Valley, 4:08.37