A year after missing out on the 3A boys swimming title by one measly point and ending a 15-year state title drought, this time Judge Memorial’s young swimming team didn’t leave everything up to chance heading into Saturday’s meet finale.

Judge flashed its talent and depth throughout the 3A state meet on Saturday at the South Davis Rec Center in Bountiful, racking up 314 team points to easily distance itself from runner-up Union, which finished with 257 points.

A year ago it was Union that edged Judge by one point.

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High school swimming: 3A state meet results from Friday’s preliminaries

“I know for myself I was pretty nervous coming in. Those Union guys, they’re awesome, they’re so nice, positive and they’re amazing swimmers,” said Judge junior Buddy Yanelli.

The state championship was Judge’s first since the program 3-peated from 2003 to 2005. Getting the program back to 3A prominence has certainly been a process, according to coach Sage Maaranen.

“For the last six years our team has been on the build, it’s been definitely been a long game to get here,” said Maaranen. “Our team has always been more about team and the process over individual results, and as such we’ve built this amazing team culture that kids at the school want to be a part of and our team has just grown year after year as a result of that.”

Judge’s fab four, which includes a freshman, sophomore, junior and senior were the difference on Saturday.

Senior Seth Overman had a second- and third-place individual finish. Junior Buddy Yanelli racked up two top podium individual finishes for the second straight year. Sophomore Nico Morton steamrolled the competition for two first -place finishes of his own, while freshman Benji Gillespie added a first- and third-place finish.

Of the 11 events including relays, Judge won seven of them.

“They fought really hard for it today. We knew it was going to be close,” said Maaranen.

As Judge’s coach raved about her athletes after the meet, she said what stands out about them is they’re confident, without being cocky.

That’s the case for Morton, who was named the 3A swimmer of the year after the meet.

“He is really passionate about his sport but he has a really good eye for the long game, and he doesn’t put too much weight on any one individual thing. He’s in it for the long haul. And he’s really willing to share his gifts with his teammates and help them out and coach them in ways he can see. Makes him a really great teammate and an asset for everyone,” said Maaranen.

Morton swam the first leg in Judge’s meet-ending 400 freestyle relay team, and he flew through the pool with a sub 50-second split.

More great swims are in his future, and numerous other Judge swimmers as well for the young squad that may have a 3-peat of its own in the future.

Richfield had its own super sophomore shine on the big stage. Grant Kling won both the 50 and 100 freestyle on Saturday, and anchored Richfield’s first-place 200 freestyle relay team. When Kling entered the pool for the final 50 yards of his relay, he had a lot of ground to make up, which he eventually did with a superb lunge to the wall at the finish.

The only other individual winner from Saturday’s meet was Grand senior Pat Pakkarato, who shaved four seconds off his preliminary time in the 100 butterfly to win with a strong time of 56.38.

3A boys state swim meet

Saturday’s finals

At South Davis Rec Center

Team scores

1. Judge Memorial, 314

2. Union, 257

3. Richfield, 223

4. Grand, 185

5. Carbon, 148

6. Emery, 135

7. Morgan, 115

8. Millard, 114

Individual results

200 medley relay

1. Judge Memorial (Nico Morton, Buddy Yanelli, Seth Overman, Benji Gillespie), 1:40.14

2. Richfield, 1:49.11

3. Grand, 1:50.73

4. Union, 1:52.28

5. Emery, 1:52.63

6. South Summit, 1:53.46

7. Morgan, 1:57.33

8. ALA, 1:58.56

200 freestyle

1. Nico Morton, Judge Memorial, 1:47.84

2. Levi Maxfield, Richfield, 1:50.91

3. Josh Lowe, ALA, 1:56.35

4. Tristan DeGrey, Juab, 1:57.37

5. Camden Chamberlain, Carbon, 1:57.42

6. Carson Stewart, Union, 1:58.64

7. Jacob Despain, Millard, 2:01.96

8. Cooper Skousen, Maeser Prep, 2:03.83

200 individual medley

1. Buddy Yanelli, Judge Memorial, 2:03.96

2. Pat Pakkarato, Grand, 2:08.53

3. Ben Smurthwaite, Grantsville, 2:08.70

4. William Bertoch, Union, 2:13.67

5. Ethan Bishop, Millard, 2:14.52

6. Thomas Shakib, Rowland Hall, 2:14.98

7. Levi Reber, Gunnison Valley, 2:17.02

8. Gabe Ibanez, Carbon, 2:17.35

50 freestyle

1. Grant Kling, Richfield, 22.87

2. Jake Ison, North Summit, 23.09

3. Seth Overman, Judge Memorial, 23.41

4. Dax Minchey, Emery, 23.47

5. Dylan Hawkins, Union, 23.51

6. Treven Lassche, South Summit, 23.73

7. Carson Foster, Summit Academy, 23.74

8. Blake Hanson, St. Joseph, 24.19

100 butterfly

1. Pat Pakkarato, Grand, 56.38

2. William Bertoch, Union, 56.94

3. Ben Smurthwaite, Grantsville, 57.97

4. Tyson Guymon, Union, 58.29

5. Gabe Ibanez, Carbon, 59.55

6. Tracer Schmitt, Union, 1:00.33

7. Paul Clayton, Morgan, 1:00.98

8. Benji Child, Judge Memorial, 1:02.11

100 freestyle

1. Grant Kling, Richfield, 51.30

2. Dylan Hawkins, Union, 52.01

3. Dax Minchey, Emery, 52.21

4. Josh Lowe, ALA, 51.27

5. Matthew Goh, Rowland Hall, 52.30

6. Carson Foster, Summit Academy, 53.20

7. Jake Ison, North Summit, 53.48

8. Evan Thomas, Grantsville, 55.83

500 freestyle

1. Nico Morton, Judge Memorial, 4:50.41

2. Levi Maxfield, Richfield, 5:06.57

3. Benji Gillespie, Judge Memorial, 5:18.38

4. Ethan Bishop, Millard, 5:21.11

5. Camden Chamberlain, Carbon, 5:28.04

6. Carson Stewart, Union, 5:28.31

7. Max Graff, Richfield, 5:28.64

8. Tyson Guymon, Union, 5:53.30

200 freestyle relay

1. Richfield (Levi Maxfield, Owen Knight, Mac Ogden, Grant Kling), 1:36.45

2. Union, 1:36.55

3. Emery, 1:38.40

4. Grand, 1:39.69

5. South Summit, 1:40.51

6. Judge Memorial, 1:41.17

7. North Summit, 1:41.85

8. Carbon, 1:42.11

100 backstroke

1. Benji Gillespie, Judge Memorial, 57.41

2. Thomas Shakib, Rowland Hall, 59.62

3. Cooper Skousen, Maeser Prep, 1:01.55

4. Owen Knight, Richfield, 1:01.67

5. Tristan DeGrey, Juab, 1:03.31

6. Tagert Farnsworth, Grand, 1:03.70

7. Mason Hadden, Union, 1:03.93

8. James Duberow, Judge Memorial, 1:03.96

100 breaststroke

1. Buddy Yanelli, Judge Memorial, 59.52

2. Seth Overman, Judge Memorial, 1:02.02

3. Matthew Goh, Rowland Hall, 1:05.89

4. Brendan Moore, Grand, 1:06.12

5. Ethan Larsen, Millard, 1:07.30

6. Elias Morris, Emery, 1:08.13

7. Levi Reber, Gunnison Valley, 1:08.20

8. Hayden Hansen, South Sevier, 1:09.77

400 freestyle relay

1. Judge Memorial (Nico Morton, Benji Gillespie, Seth Overman, Buddy Yanelli), 3:24.93

2. Union, 3:33.49

3. Millard, 3:43.85

4. Carbon, 3:44.51

5. North Sanpete, 3:49.81

6. Morgan, 3:50.11

7. Grand, 3:51.44

8. Richfield, 3:51.70