This swimming season saw a plethora of new norms due to COVID-19. Eventually, all those protocols will be gone, but the new 6A girls state champion, Lone Peak, is here to stay.

The Knights boast one of the youngest teams in the 6A classification and featured six freshman swimmers on the final day of the state meet at Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center, but the Knights edged out last year’s champion American Fork by just four points to claim the title.

Both sides had over a 100-point separation between them and third-place Corner Canyon.

Lone Peak head coach Celeste Tiffany said that winning the title Saturday was one of the highlights of her coaching career because of the adversity that the season presented.

“In my 20-plus years of coaching overall and 10-plus years of coaching high school, this is probably one of the most emotional moments because of the way things went this year,” said Tiffany.

Tiffany said that the main emotion she and her team felt was one of gratitude, but that emotion, Tiffany said, has been with the team throughout the entire season.

“All year long we tried to focus on opportunities and what we were grateful for,” said Tiffany. “We chose to focus on a ‘can do’ mentality and the girls really took that mentality on and rose to the occasion.”

Gratitude seemed to be a common feeling among all swimmers at the meet, including Skyridge’s Katelyn Andrist, who broke state records in the 200 and 500 freestyle events Friday night during the preliminaries.

Andrist wasn’t able to break the records again on Saturday, but she still managed to cruise to first place in each of the events.

“I’m just so happy that I could swim this year and even do better than I did last year,” said Andrist. “I was really worried that I was going to stay the same because of how long the pools were closed. I’m just glad that this season could happen and that everyone could drop time because I know that a lot of other swimmers did very well.”

One of the swimmers who did very well at dropping time was Davis’ Lauren Hall, who set a state record in the 50 freestyle with a time of 24.88.

From the beginning of the meet, it looked like an American Fork repeat title could be in store, as it led by 56 points through the fifth event, but strong performances by Sarah Wilson in the 100 freestyle and 100 breaststroke, Dylan Egbert in 50 freestyle and Lone Peak’s 200 and 400 freestyle relayers saw the Knights take the lead late and keep it by a narrow margin.

Tiffany was asked whether this title may be the start of a dynasty given the youth of the Lone Peak team. She said she is hopeful but aware of the challenge that maintaining the success would be.

“Hopefully it is the start of a dynasty. There are just so many incredibly great swimmers in this state,” she said, admitting that losing her senior leadership will be a big loss for her team. “Our seniors stepped up and provided that leadership which was huge. They made sure to hold these ninth graders up and made sure that they enjoyed this experience.”

6A girls state swim meet

Saturday’s final results

200 medley relay

1. Lone Peak, (Kennedy Bennett, Sarah Wilson, Tiffany Haylee, Callie Anderson) 1:51.42

2. American Fork, 1:51.63

3. Davis, 1:54.14

4. Weber 1:54.77

5. Corner Canyon, 1:56.15

6. Westlake, 1:57.33

7. Kearns, 2:00.79

8. Syracuse, 2:00.75

200 freestyle

1. Katelyn Andrist, Skyridge, 1:56.29 (broke state during the preliminaries)

2. Talia Thomas, American Fork, 1:58.66

3. Alli Rich, Jordan, 1:59.03

4. Emme Brewer, Lone Peak, 2:01.37

5. Paige Kelsey, American Fork, 2:02.49

6. Lily Afualo, Corner Canyon, 2:02.52

7. Michelle Okelberry, American Fork, 2:02.94

8. Krysta Owens, Northridge, 2:03.19

200 individual medley

1. Allie Hill, American Fork, 2:11.52

2. Katelyn Riddle, Copper Hills, 2:14.82

3. Stephanie Guzman-De La Hoz, Corner Canyon, 2:16.83

4. Eideann Anderson, American Fork, 2:18.80

5. Lily Hyde, Pleasant Grove, 2:18.91

6. Sadie Heyborne, American Fork, 2:20.70

7. Sara Nelson, Syracuse, 2:21.59

8. Kalia Merrill, Davis, 2:23.49

50 freestyle

1. Lauryn Hall, Davis, 24.88 (state record)

2. Jamie Horne, Kearns, 25.09

3. Dylan Egbert, Lone Peak, 25.10

4. Breeze Ohlson, Herriman, 25.26

5. Ryan Lincoln, Westlake, 25.39

6. Kennedy Bennett, Lone Peak, 25.48

7. Hayley Bachman, Copper Hills, 25.49

8. Amy Chung, Taylorsville, 25.68

100 butterfly

1. Alli Rich, Jordan, 1:00.52

2. Dani Cannon, Skyridge, 1:01.75

3. Chloe Rasband, Layton, 1:01.80

4. Noelle Yorgason, Weber, 1:02.84

5. Sadie Heyborne, American Fork, 1:03.14

6. Haylee Tiffany, Lone Peak, 1:03.62

7. Breeze Ohlson, Herriman, 1:03.67

8. Kylee Nelson, Copper Hills, 1:04.30

100 freestyle

1. Talia Thomas, American Fork, 53.17

2. Sarah Wilson, Lone Peak, 53.91

3. Lauryn Hall, Davis, 54.59

4. Hayley Bachman, Copper Hills, 55.07

5. Ava Clegg, Lone Peak, 56.62

6. Jamie Horne, Kearns, 55.63

7. Rori Pilcher, Cyprus, 56.33

8. Eden Smith, Pleasant Grove, 57.11

500 freestyle

1. Katelyn Andrist, Skyridge, 5:08.23

2. Allie Hill, American Fork, 5:13.06

3. Paige Kelsey, American Fork, 5:25.68

4. Katelyn Riddle, Copper Hills, 5:26.16

5. Emme Brewer, Lone Peak, 5:26.21

6. Lily Afualo, Corner Canyon, 5:31.23

7. Krysta Owens, Northridge, 5:35.99

8. Jade Updike, Copper Hills, 5:39.75

200 freestyle relay

1. Lone Peak (Callie Anderson, Dylan Egbert, Kennedy Bennett, Sarah Wilson), 1:40.71

2. Copper Hills, 1:44.09

3. American Fork, 1:43.77

4. Pleasant Grove, 1:45.51

5. Corner Canyon, 1:45.72

6. Jordan, 1:47.00

7. Davis, 1:47.81

8. Bingham, 1:47.01

100 backstroke

1. Kalia Merrill, Davis, 1:00.43

2. Ryan Lincoln, Westlake, 1:00.91

3. Layla Walker, Weber, 1:01.41

4. Dani Cannon, Skyridge, 1:01.89

5. Lily Hyde, Pleasant Grove, 1:02.12

6. Maia Lauder, Westlake, 1:02.95

7. Livvie Adamson, American Fork, 1:03.45

8. Grace Huber, Bingham, 1:03.55

100 breaststroke

1. Eideann Anderson, American Fork, 1:06.83

2. Sophia Traher, Weber, 1:07.34

3. Sarah Wilson, 1:08.89

4. Stephanie Guzman-De La Hoz, Corner Canyon, 1:09.89

5. Anya Clark, Skyridge, 1:11.19

6. Angela Roberts, West, 1:11.54

7. Britta Catmull, Corner Canyon, 1:11.88

8. Dylan Egbert, Lone Peak, 1:13.30

400 freestyle relay

1. American Fork (Paige Kelsey, Michelle Okelberry, Allie Hill, Talia Thomas), 3:40.28

2. Lone Peak, 3:44.69

3. Copper Hills, 3:46.44

4. Davis, 3:49.43

5. Corner Canyon, 3:52.15

6. West, 3:52.87

7. Jordan, 3:52.87

8. Pleasant Grove, 3:55.83