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Philadelphia 76ers CEO Scott O’Neil has stepped down. Here’s why

Scott O’Neil will seek new opportunities outside the Philadelphia 76ers

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Philadelphia 76ers chief executive officer Scott O’Neil speaks to reporters.

Philadelphia 76ers incoming Chief Executive Officer Scott O’Neil speaks to reporters at the team’s NBA basketball training facility in Philadelphia on Monday, July 8, 2013.

Matt Rourke, Associated Press

Philadelphia 76ers CEO Scott O’Neil will no longer be a part of the process, as he plans to leave the team and seek out other opportunities.

  • “I’m leaving because it’s time,” O’Neil told CBS Philadelphia. “I remember what it was like when we first walked in here, and to think we’ve grown this business, over $2 billion in value over six times in eight years, that’s what I do. Hypergrowth, super growth. I think that the right person coming in here will be a wonderful steward of this brand for years. But I think I’ve done what I came here to do.”

Scott O’Neil’s history with 76ers, faith and HBSE

O’Neil landed the job back in 2013. He helped bring the NBA its first jersey patch deal back in 2016 and helped the Sixers have the highest regular-season attendance in 2019, according to CNBC.

O’Neil said working for HBSE brought him immense challenges, according to CNBC. But, he said, the job was “the most fun I have ever had, because every day brought a new opportunity to learn and develop.”

  • “I think a total transformation in growth of the business, brand and relevance in the city, the country is probably the biggest thing,” O’Neil said, according to CBS Philadelphia.

What Scott O’Neil does now

O’Neil recently released a new book — called “Be Where Your Feet Are: Seven Principles to Keep You Present, Grounded and Thriving” — which talks about being present and focused in everything you do, as the Deseret News reported.

  • “The book ... it’s not a pat-yourself-on-the back, victory lap, Lego Guy ‘Everything is awesome.’ It’s the opposite of that,” O’Neil said. “It’s essentially like a vulnerable peek behind the curtain look at life, and life can be messy. I’m kind of OK with messy. ... This book is about purposeful living.”