The Utah Jazz beat the Washington Wizards on Monday, but the most impressive play of the night came just a moment after the buzzer sounded on the 127-115 contest.

Collin Sexton casually walked the ball up the court and jumped off two feet, put the ball between his legs and then slammed it home.

“That was insane,” Kris Dunn said. “I mean, the dude is a freak of nature. Like, I haven’t seen too many people like him. He’s a different breed, 100%.”

And this isn’t all that Sexton has in his bag. Apparently he’s been asked in the past to participate in the NBA Dunk Contest during All-Star Weekend and would consider participating in the future.

“They asked me a few times,” Sexton said. “Maybe one day, maybe one day I’ll get in there and make it make it fun. I’ve got a few dunks up my sleeve that I know that would get me 50s.”

Sexton’s teammates are often shocked at the type of energy the guard exudes, laughing about how he comes into the gym at 9 a.m. with the same type of energy as he does pregame or when he’s at his fiercest. So, the dunk on Monday night, while impressive, was not shocking.

“He can do better,” John Collins said. “I’d give it a nine out of 10. That dunk, East Bay off the bounce, that’s up there, but he does some stuff. That’s a nine for him.”

And Sexton couldn’t agree more.

“John understands. John knows me pretty well. He knows I got a few tricks up my sleeve, for sure,” Sexton said. “I can jump a little bit. I can jump a little bit sometimes, so I have to remind myself. Game’s over, might as well try.”

As for where Sexton could take inspiration if he were to compete in a future dunk contest, he’s a big fan of Georgia native Jordan Southerland, who is a world-famous dunker and actor who portrayed Julius ‘Dr. J’ Erving in HBO’s “Winning Time.”

Here’s a clip of Southerland doing the same dunk Sexton did on Monday night, but while also jumping over a whole human being.

“He does one that’s between the legs and behind the back,” Sexton said of Southerland. “That’s one that I would definitely, definitely try.”