On Tuesday afternoon, Utah Jazz general manager Justin Zanik underwent a successful kidney transplant.

Jazz head coach Will Hardy announced the news that everything went as expected just prior to the Jazz’s home game against the Cleveland Cavaliers Tuesday evening.

“We just got news that Justin’s transplant was successful,” Hardy said. “The surgery went well. He’s awake and heading to recovery, so today’s a really good day.”

Soon after, the Jazz released a statement saying the transplant at the University of Utah hospital was successful.

Zanik, 49, has PKD (polycystic kidney disease), an inherited disease that causes cysts to grow within the kidney, causing loss of function over time.

He was diagnosed just before Jazz training camp and received a transplant from a living donor after a family friend donated a kidney to the living donor registry on his behalf.

In the days leading up to surgery, Zanik said he was expected to be in the hospital recovering for roughly three days before being at home to recover for a few weeks, after which he would return to his normal duties as Jazz general manager.