Whether you like it or not, fall has arrived. It is time to embrace the season.
Vanna White has extended her “Wheel of Fortune” contract through the 2025-26 season.
Iam Tongi is the “American Idol” Season 21 champion — and the first Hawaiian and Pacific Islander to win the show. Now, fans in Utah have a chance to hear him in person.
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Tina Trahan, a fan of the sitcom, bought the house for $3.2 million and said it was “the worst investment ever.”
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Ben Shelton, Coco Gauff and Madison Keys are competing in the semifinals, all hoping for a first Grand Slam title
“America’s Got Talent” singer Putri Ariani has already established herself as a contestant to beat.
For the next several weeks, only 2 out of 11 acts will advance to the show’s finale.
Being a teenager is complicated, exhausting and often really fun. Relating to a teenager is mostly just exhausting.
“America’s Got Talent” has reached the live portion of the competition — meaning it’s time for viewers to weigh in on their favorite acts.
Several months after his “American Idol” win, Iam Tongi is continuing to find success in the music industry.
The Angel Moroni was so clearly a clue about Donny Osmond.
“The Office” actor Steve Carell played goaltender at Denison University in the ‘80s.
Jonathan Roumie from “The Chosen” went on the podcast “The Parting Shot with H. Alan Scott” to talk about Christian entertainment in Hollywood
Jennings has been an official “Jeopardy!” host, along with Mayim Bialik, for a little over a year. And he’s remembering advice the late host shared with him — a conversation that took place the night before Trebek’s death.
Ahren Belisle is fairly new to the world of comedy, but that hasn’t put him at any sort of disadvantage on “America’s Got Talent.”
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Donny Osmond’s name didn’t even enter the picture until the start of the second to last episode.
The Sharpe family went viral last year for their cover of ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ from the Disney film ‘Encanto’
“America’s Got Talent” has reached the live portion of the competition — meaning it’s time for viewers to weigh in on their favorite acts
Directed by Sam Levinson, the show has been the center of criticism since its debut
Here’s a look at who took home the $100,000 prize.
For several weeks, 12 relatives of celebrities have been holed up in a mansion, doing their best to keep their celebrity connections a secret
Her son has twice had a front-row seat to his mother competing on national TV, but the lesson Mady Howard hopes to get across is more about setting goals and never giving up than it is about winning.
From “Chronicles of Narnia” to “The Chosen,” here’s a look at the plots and ratings of 12 Christian-themed movies and TV shows.
Barker was a local-radio personality when he left the world of broadcasting to step into the game show realm.
As Donny Osmond stepped onto the stage, excitement emanated from the grandparents. The grandchildren, on the other hand, met the “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” star with blank stares.
A few months before ‘The Chosen’ creator Dallas Jenkins reached out to Jonathan Roumie, the actor was broke