The West

Evacuations were ordered in Montrose, Colorado, due to a wildfire burning south of the Western Colorado community, and the nation’s largest wildfire continues to burn in New Mexico.
Census Bureau points to an overcount as high as 6.8% in Hawaii, and a 5% undercount in Arkansas, with 12 states in between.
Challenger Janice McGeachin isn’t “more conservative,” Cox says. “She’s more something, but not more conservative.”
The U.S. House and Senate now need to pass a law to finalize a transfer of over 160,000 acres in the Bears Ears area.
As rising rates have pushed the U.S. housing market’s prices even higher, mortgage applications dropped 12% last week. Here’s what that means.
There are two “Type 1” wildfire incidents in the United States as of May 18, and they’re both in New Mexico.
Can states in the West learn from one another’s water management, or are they destined to be at odds over the scarce resource?
Rep. Liz Cheney called out House GOP leaders after a gunman killed 10 people in a racially motivated shooting in a Buffalo supermarket.
The severe drought conditions around Lake Mead have revealed the ghost town of St. Thomas.
Here’s why landlords say it’s not because of greed — but other issues like inflation, labor shortages and more.
Reducing wildfire risk, mitigating hazards from mined land, restoring recreation sites and National Parks and combatting invasive species are the four key objectives in the provision, which totals $1.4 billion to be released in the next five years.
The violent death of Rex Lee Sr. split St. Johns, Arizona, in two. The town is trying to move on.
Some GOP senators are calling for an environmental analysis of a plan to set aside an additional 30% of the nation’s land and water for conservation by 2030.
People exposed to radiation during aboveground nuclear testing prevalent in Nevada during the 1950s and 1960s may continue to get relief under a measure to extend compensation now headed to President Joe Biden’s desk.
The U.S. Department of Energy is offering a conditional commitment of more than $504 million to help fund an important green project. And it’s in Utah. And it’s big.
Can women seeking abortions realistically navigate a patchwork of state laws?
Mother’s Day weekend offered a smorgasbord of weather, and the contradictory spring continues Monday.
Colorado Gov. Jared Polis welcomes a “Mountain Disneyland” after Florida law revokes resort’s special tax status
Forests across the country, particularly in the West, are suffering from insect infestations, overgrowth, and catastrophic wildfires that roar through entire communities and ruin water supplies.
If passed, the proposal would have a sweeping impact on recreation in the West. Utah has over 35 million acres of federal land, which would be subject to dozens of provisions.
Supporters say expanding access to early childhood education can close achievement gaps earlier and help learners rebound from impacts of the pandemic.
Elevating the conversation. Here’s how to bridge the political divide to provide stewardship of the earth.
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The core “social identity” of believers influences whether saints stand fast in the faith.
Katrina Lantos Swett, a Jewish child of Holocaust survivors, human rights advocate, Democrat and Latter-day Saint, invites everyone to make more seats at the table.
Whiting guided the Burley Bobcats to a state championship in 2022 and she has established a reputation for the way she develops players and maximizes their talents
Amari Whiting is committed to play collegiately for the Oregon Ducks and is one of the top high school recruits in the U.S.
The diatribe, allegedly written by Payton Gendron, referenced an idea that has percolated as America’s demographics change.
The investigation is continuing to unfold into the deaths of more than 100 wild horses housed in a Colorado holding pen
It’s time to talk about the future of Glen Canyon. The desert is running dry.
Talk about unwanted house guests. A mama black bear and her four cubs were found hibernating beneath a South Lake Tahoe house, wildlife rescue officials say.
As winter thaws, the author shares his secret for one last morning on the slopes
A judge reversed approval for a housing project in California — the third such reversal — because wildfire evacuation wasn’t clear
Mass shootings took place in four different cities in America over Easter weekend. How can America stop the gun violence?
For years, mountain guides watched as a warming climate changed the landscapes they work in.
An extremely dry start to the year means diminishing snowpack, unrelenting drought and increased wildfires in the West.
DesignBuildUTAH, a program at the University of Utah College of Architecture and Planning, allows graduate students to immerse themselves in hands-on opportunities to design and build full-scale works of architecture in collaboration with residents of the Native American communities of San Juan County.
Utah’s snowpack at times can have too much water and lead to flooding, while too little snow can cause equally dramatic results like generational drought.
What Utah water officials say is one of the most effective ways to cut back on use — especially in this horrific drought — just became more widely available.
The latest IPCC report from the United Nations is urging a global reduction in emissions to stave off warming.
With vacancy below a slim 2%, demand for rentals here are at an all-time high.
What’s to blame? “Exuberance,” Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas researchers say.
Arches National Park will implement a timed entry reservation system starting this weekend. Here’s what you need to know before heading out.
Rep. Blake Moore, R-Utah, is the latest member of Congress to go after the Biden administration over the “pause” button they assert has been pushed on domestic energy development by the Interior Department and other agencies. Read what he wants to do.
If Utah had more electric cars and an electrified power sector, it could see billons of dollars public health benefits, a new report says
This last weekend was a dreadful one for the state’s water managers as they watched the temperature gauge steadily rise to shatter many heat records across the state. Is Utah going to skip spring and dive right into summer?
Idaho creates working group to study ‘harmful’ materials in libraries
To find a time when the drought in Utah was as bad as it is today, look back to the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.
The United States has come a long way since the implementation of the Clean Water Act 50 years ago, but some groups say it needs to be updated and given more teeth.
The Idaho law, modeled after Texas’ abortion ban, allows potential family members of “preborn children” to sue abortion providers — including relatives of rapists.
Golf courses guzzle water. Should that change in a time of extreme drought?
Jimmy Hill spent the last few weeks of his life in Ukraine doing what his sister says he did best: being a peacemaker and working to bring people together.