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Watch: How a skinhead left hate behind

How did Arno Michaelis leave his white supremacist group? With the help of a sandwich, of course.

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Is it possible for a white supremacist to have a change of heart? Many people might say no.

In a hyperpartisan country where conflicts about politics and racial inequality happen daily, the potential for someone fighting on the extremes of either side to change their mind seems low. 

But Arno Michaelis did change his mind. He’s proof that people can change, even from one extreme to the other. He was the leader of a white supremacist hate group in his youth and now he speaks out against the very kind of hate he encouraged. 

But how? Well, with the help of a sandwich, his daughter and a really forgiving group of people. 

The Deseret News talked to Michaelis about his change of heart and his efforts to help others change, too.