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Kids have interrupted 25 Zoom meetings each week for work-from-home parents, new survey says

A new survey looks at the effect on families while more parents are working from home.

A new survey found that parents working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic are interrupted by their children around 25 times each week during work meetings.
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For parents working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, kids interrupting Zoom meetings is becoming part of the “new normal.”

The average kid has interrupted their parents during 25 work meetings each week since the school year began, according a recent survey reported by People magazine.

With more children doing school at home during the pandemic, the interruptions could come as often as five times a day, People reported.

But children aren’t the only ones doing the interrupting — the survey found that parents have disrupted a child’s online school around six times since the school year began.

The survey was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Sittercity, and involved 2,000 American parents who have school-aged children.

Other findings of the survey were about childcare for families whose children were doing remote school.

Over half of parents who had children doing school from home said that online schooling had caused a “child care crisis” in their family, and 26% of those parents said that they still did not have solid childcare plans for the school year, according to People.

However, 64% of parents whose children had already returned to in-person school said they missed having “extended family time together” like they’d had during the end of the previous school year and over the summer, according to the survey.