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An epic glass-domed luxury train is coming to Utah

The new “Rockies to the Red Rocks” line will run between Denver, Colorado, and Moab, Utah.

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Delicate Arch at Arches National Park just north of Moab, Utah (2018).

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A luxury rail tour company is coming to Utah and offering passengers a cushy view of some of the nations’s most scenic territory.

Rocky Mountaineer’s new two-day “Rockies to the Red Rocks” journey is set to start in August 2021 and will run between Denver, Colorado and Moab, Utah.


The first day of the trip explores Colorado’s rugged Rocky Mountains while day two provides passengers with vistas of Utah’s rich red rock landscapes.

  • Passengers spend all day on the train, observing the nature around them through glass-domed cars and outdoor viewing areas. The fare comes with luxurious interior service packages, including regionally-sourced meals and contextual presentations, Forbes reports.
  • According to Travel + Leisure, the two-day ride from Denver to Moab makes an overnight stop at a hotel in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, a town famous for its hot springs.

Cost and dates:

According to Travel + Leisure, prices for the two-day trip start around $1,250 per person, including the hotel fees.

  • According to the site, Rocky Mountaineer is planning for 40 departures between Aug. 15 and Oct. 23, 2021.

You can watch Rocky Mountaineer’s video introduction of the new line here:

About Rocky Mountaineer

  • The luxury rail-tour company currently operates three trains in Western Canada, “Rockies to Red Rocks” will be Rocky Mountaineer’s first rail service in the U.S.
  • Travel + Leisure reports that the company has built a reputation for its glass-domed trains, chef-designed menus, expansive outdoor viewing platforms and, most notably, its lack of sleeping cars.
  • Unique from other luxury train lines, Rocky Mountaineer offers its passengers the opportunity to disembark their trains in the evenings to check out local towns and sleep in soft stationary beds, according to Forbes.

Key Quote

Steve Sammut, the president and CEO of Rocky Mountaineer, said in a statement announcing the new line:

We needed to find a special location with many of the same features we have in Western Canada — incredible scenery, iconic destinations, and the option for an all daytime, multi-day journey that is best experienced by train...This area of the US is rich in natural history with the mighty Colorado River, vast canyons, and mesmerizing red sandstone landscapes – all sculpted by nature millions of years ago....Our newest rail journey will put you in the heart of the stunning scenery of the American Southwest and is filled with highlights best seen from the comfort of our expansive glass-dome trains, via Forbes.