On Friday, a passerby caught video footage of a rockslide that sent debris hurdling down a cliff face at the Grand Canyon’s historic Horseshoe Bend, Yahoo reports.

Jordan Thomas, who was visiting the site from Indianapolis, Indiana, was standing on the edge of the canyon when she heard a loud noice and decided to turn on her camera, according to USA Today.

Her video was recently posted on ABC News’ official Instagram account.

You can watch it here:

No details have been released regarding what may have caused of the rockslide and no injuries have been reported.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that another rockslide at the Grand Canyon helped lead to the discovery of the National Park’s oldest fossilized footprints.

According to GrandCanyon.com, Horseshoe Bend displays a panoramic view of a U-shaped bend in the Colorado river which is situated about 1000 feet below the overlook site. The vista is located approximately 18 miles southwest of Page, Arizona.