A Twitter video posted by Washington Post reporter Chelsea Janes on Monday shows Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg and New Hampshire congresswoman Annie Kuster cheering — and dancing— with supporters.

Kuster has previously been called Annie “Raise the Roof” Kuster by the cast of “Saturday Night Live,” who teased her for her signature dance move in the SNL sketch “Women of Congress” earlier this month, NHPR reports.

But the public was not happy about Buttigieg’s poor attempt to “raise the roof.”

Reporter Greg Jaffe responded to the tweet, saying Buttigieg looked more like a droid than a human.

The criticism didn’t stop there.

CNN quoted additional responses, which said things like “that roof is going to collapse”, or “this is a stick up,” and posted gifs of robots.

Another tweeter said Buttigieg needed to watch and learn how the dance is done — apparently Barack Obama is a great visual aid for this.

Perhaps the most amusing part of the video, CNN pointed out, is that one of the people in the background is actually supporting Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, made clear by a large campaign sign that was quickly covered up by an actual Buttigieg sign.

Despite his lack of dancing talent, Buttigieg’s success in the New Hampshire primary has given him a lot to celebrate. He led the Iowa caucus last week and finished with 24% of the vote in New Hampshire — only 2% behind state winner Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to The New York Times.