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Kaitlin Bennett, Kent State’s ‘Gun Girl,’ chased off Ohio University campus by protesters

Videos of crowds surrounding and yelling profanities at Bennett went viral this week, igniting debate

AR-15 rifles are displayed at Impact Guns in Ogden on Friday, March 2, 2018.
AR-15 rifles are displayed at Impact Guns in Ogden on Friday, March 2, 2018.
Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

Gun rights activist and prominent Donald Trump supporter Kaitlin Bennett rose to fame after photos of her strolling around Kent State University with a semi-automatic rifle went viral in 2018. Since then she has become a correspondent for the far-right conspiracy outlet InfoWars, as well as a director of the Libertarian website Liberty Hangout.

Bennett traveled to Ohio University on Monday to quiz students about Presidents Day, but was met by angry protesters who shouted profanities, crowded her and threw water at her, the Hill reports.

Bennett shared a video she took on Twitter. The video shows a crowd around her vehicle using obscene gestures and profane language, and throwing things at the car, all while police officers look on. She called the student protesters “terrorists” and suggested President Trump strip the university of government funding for their raucous behavior.

While Bennett called the protest a riot, Ohio University refuted that claim in a statement, which says the students were simply exercising their First Amendment rights and advises Bennett to notify the campus ahead of time if she plans to visit again so they can properly plan staffing in order to protect her.

The Washington Post reports that soon after videos of Bennett’s visit were released, people started tweeting threats of violence toward her and saying the protest was justified.

Others are saying the behavior was inappropriate, regardless of her political views, including one user who cited Twitter’s anti-violence policy.

On Twitter, Bennett announced her plan to return to the Ohio University campus a second time with “an army of gun owners for an open carry walk through campus,” despite Ohio University’s policy of banning guns and other weapons from the campus.