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Drones in China are scolding people for not wearing face masks

In an effort to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, police are using drones to scold people breaking health protocols.

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Police in China are using drones to chastise people who are not following public health protocols.

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A video recently shared on Twitter by China’s state-run newspaper Global Times shows just how serious Chinese officials are about stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

The video shows drone footage of various people out in public not wearing face masks. The drones are seen following residents in different areas of China and giving warnings to those who they see endangering themselves to exposure, using phrases like:

  • “Go home and wash your hands.”
  • “Do not come outside unless necessary.”
  • “Where is your mask? Wear your mask!”
  • “Staying at home is contributing to society.”

In some clips, the drones appear to be operating remotely, while other clips show Chinese police using walkie talkies to project their voice through a loudspeaker on the drone.

Drones are breaking up public gatherings in China as well, according to the New York Post. Many areas, including Wuhan, where the virus originated, are essentially on lockdown in an attempt to prevent further interpersonal spreading of the virus.

According to CNN, Chinese officials have also put up signage to warn residents to remain at home and avoid gathering in groups.

Despite these efforts, as many as 75,000 people could be infected with the coronavirus in Wuhan, China, CNN reports.

Global Times also shared footage of drones being utilized to sanitize air in certain areas.