A new study from Italy’s national health authority found more than 99% of people who died from the coronavirus in the country had preexisting health conditions.

  • Health officials recently looked through the data from the more than 2,500 deaths within the country, according to Bloomberg.

A look at the numbers:

  • The new study said about 8% of Italy’s population was infected with the virus, which is higher than other countries.
  • The study looked into 18% of the country’s COVID-19 fatalities and found three victims — so 0.8% of the total — didn’t have any preexisting condition, according to Bloomberg.
  • About half of the victims had three prior illnesses.
  • About 25% had one or two conditions.
  • More than 75% had high blood pressure.
  • About 35% had diabetes.
  • About 33% had heart disease.
  • The study found the average age for those who died was 79.5. according to Bloomberg.
  • The average age of those infected was 63 years old, the Washington Examiner reports.

The bigger picture with Italy

  • Italy announced Thursday that it had surpassed China as the country with the largest number of reported deaths from the coronavirus with 3,405, according to The Washington Post.