Phoenix has seen temperatures of 110 degrees or higher for 50 days in a row, a new record for the city, according to the National Weather Service.

The next closest stretch was in 2011 when temperatures were that high for 33 days. Here’s a full breakdown of the days:

  1. 50 days (2020)
  2. 33 days (2011)
  3. 32 days (2007)
  4. 30 days (2016)
  5. 29 days (2019)
  6. 28 days (2002)
  7. 28 days (1979)
Death Valley may have just recorded the highest temperature ever on Earth

The NWS said: “Just to be clear, we in no way were celebrating this milestone. We were just trying to stay positive even though this summer has been miserable for all of us.”

The temperatures are so high this summer because there’s some high pressure, which produces higher temperatures. And it’s been dry, which only made matters worse.

Death Valley may have had highest temperature ever. What is it like?
  • “It’s not like we barely broke this record. We sort of obliterated it.” — National Weather Service meteorologist Matthew Hirsch told the Arizona Republic.
  • Forecasters said there could be some relief over the weekend since thunderstorm and rain might move into the area, according to the Arizona Republic.