A new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found a link between preterm deliveries and the novel coronavirus.

  • The new study — published in JAMA — tracked miscarriages and stillbirths from patients with the coronavirus.

The CDC’s researchers reviewed medical data for about 600 hospital patients between March and mid-August. These patients had tested positive for COVID-19 and were pregnant, too.

  • According to the CDC, 12.6% of 445 births were preterm deliveries — a number that is 25% higher than the normal rate of preterm delivery.
  • 10 patients experienced a miscarriage or stillbirth. But the data “likely underestimates the percentage of pregnancy losses that occur among women with COVID-19,” the report said, according to CBS News.

Preterm births were three times more likely in symptomatic patients than asymptomatic patients, CBS News reports.

One point to note:

  • The study noted that “hypertension in pregnancy may have been underdiagnosed during the pandemic as women had fewer face-to-face antenatal visits. Other possible explanations include change in referral patterns with more high-risk women referred to St. George’s Hospital or chance due to the short time frame of the study.”