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Burger King is entering the chicken wars with an upgraded spicy chicken sandwich

In the past 6 months, Burger King, Wendy’s and McDonald’s have all announced new chicken sandwiches

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FILE - In this Aug. 24, 2010 file photo, patrons enjoy a meal at a Burger King in Springfield, Ill. The movement by U.S. food corporations toward more humane treatment of animals experienced a whopper of a shift Wednesday, April 25, 2012, when Burger Ki

Seth Perlman, Associated Press

Could Burger King possibly be crowned ‘chicken king?’

The chicken wars just got a little bit spicier as Burger King is rolling out a new and improved spicy chicken sandwich, Fox News reports.

According to the site, the new sandwich will be made with “fresh, no frozen, chicken that is hand-breaded.”

Burger Beast, a food reviewer, tried the sandwich and posted a review on Jan. 8. Here’s how he describes the new menu item:

Every crevice of the chicken is covered in breading along with buttery buffalo sauce, just what the comfort food doctor ordered. The buns are soft, and the bottom bun is toasted and perfect for withstanding the sauce onslaught, no crumbling under pressure here.

The reviewer also revealed that the new sandwich comes packaged in a thermal-type bag, similar to the way chicken sandwiches are packaged at Popeyes and Chick-fil-A.

While Burger King hasn’t announced any national release timeline for the sandwich yet, Carrols Restaurant Group, Burger King’s largest franchisee, expects to have the new chicken sandwich sold at all its 1,000 Burger King locations by May of this year, according to Restaurant Business.

This news marks the second time in less than a month that one of the five most popular fast food restaurants in the U.S. (according to a QSR chart) has announced a new chicken sandwich. Earlier in January, McDonald’s unveiled plans for a new chicken sandwich and in October, Wendy’s announced its new chicken sandwich. The new menu item isn’t the only big change happening at Burger King. At the start of the new year, the restaurant announced that it would undergo a total brand redesign that includes a new logo, new uniforms and food packaging.