The mob of President Trump supporters that stormed the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon left behind a trail of wreckage that was captured and shared by media members, photographers and politicians alike.

The following photos mainly come from the “Today” show with additional images added from independent research:

Frank Thorp, a producer for NBC News, captured several images of the wreckage left in the wake of the insurrection. Here are a few photos that he posted on Twitter.

The Getty Images News Twitter account posted this photo of a damaged entrance.

Leigh Ann Caldwell, an NBC News correspondent, posted a thread of photos on Twitter displaying the damage pro-Trump rioters left in various parts of the Capitol.

Minnesota Sen. Tina Smith shared a couple images of the scene.

On Thursday morning, the ABC News official Twitter account posted images of broken glass and abandoned flags at the Capitol.

The CNN Politics Twitter account also uploaded photos of broken glass and overturned furniture.

CNN reporter Ali Zaslav posted a brief video showing the pillaged office of the Senate parliamentarian on Wednesday night.