A new study has revealed what could happen to famous American locations and prominent locations across the world if sea levels continue to rise.

The study — by Climate Central, a nonprofit research group — found that close to 50 coastal cities will have to improve their adaptation measures to avoid rising sea levels covering them entirely, per The Guardian.

  • “Today’s choices will set our path,” said Benjamin Strauss, the chief scientist at Climate Central and lead author of the report, according to CNN.
This map lets you see if your hometown will flood because of rising sea levels

CNN reports that the temperature rise by 3 degrees might happen by the 2060s and 2070s, which is likely toward the end of our lifetimes. The oceans could rise beyond those years, though.

  • China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia were listed as the countries that were most at-risk for sea-level rise.

The report included photos and visualizations of what could happen to the world if the planet warms a mere 3 degrees. You can view all the images and photos here if they do not appear below.