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Thanksgiving prices could be high.
Thanksgiving dinner items are in short supply ahead of the November holiday.
Illustration by Zoe Peterson, Deseret News

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Thanksgiving dinner is going to be really expensive this year

Thanksgiving dinner items are in short supply ahead of the November holiday

Thanksgiving is rarely an inexpensive holiday. But the 2021 version of the holiday might be especially pricy.

Are Thanksgiving dinner prices high?

The Wall Street Journal reports that Thanksgiving dinner favorites won’t exactly pack the store shelves this year. Ongoing supply chain issues mean there will be fewer turkeys, pies and yams on the shelves for you to buy for your dinner.

  • There are a lot of reasons. Per CBS News, shoppers should expect to see inflated prices because of supply chain problems.
  • Indeed, Nestlé and Procter & Gamble have warned customers about price increases for the holiday.

Why are Thanksgiving prices so high?

There might not be one straight answer. As The New York Times reported, Thanksgiving will eat up your wallet. Almost every part of the annual holiday dinner will cost more this year because of the supply.

  • “The nation’s food supply has been battered by a knotted supply chain, high transportation expenses, labor shortages, trade policies and bad weather. Inflation is at play, too,” according to The New York Times.

When should you shop for Thanksgiving?

Tim Metcalfe, owner of two Madison-area stores, told Channel 3000, a local news station in Wisconsin, that you’ll want to start shopping early to prepare for Thanksgiving.

  • “Just like you do for Christmas with gift-giving, plan ahead on how many people you’re having over and what you’re serving,” he said.


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