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Craving Girl Scout cookies? What if a drone could deliver Thin Mints?

The Virginia Skyline Girl Scouts said they were the first troop to begin delivering their cookies by drone

SHARE Craving Girl Scout cookies? What if a drone could deliver Thin Mints?

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a drone delivering Girl Scout cookies!

The Virginia Skyline Girl Scout troop has teamed up with Wing, a commercial delivery drone company, to distribute boxes of the famous cookies to local cookie cravers.

The airborne cookie delivery is part of a pilot program in Christiansburg, Virginia, which has already delivered small FedEx packages, drug store goods and local food and coffee orders since 2019, The Associates Press reported.

  • “Wing said it began talking to local Girl Scout troops because they’ve been having a harder time selling cookies during the pandemic, when fewer people are out and about,” according to the AP.
  • Wing — a subsidiary of Google parent company Alphabet — says its 10.6-pound drones fly with 14 props and have a 1-meter wingspan. The drones travel up to 70 mph, can go 12 miles roundtrip and can deliver packages that weigh up to 3.3 pound, according to the company’s website.

The drone delivery company created a short video it posted to YouTube Wednesday that demonstrates how cookies are delivered by the drone. In the video, the drone is seen hovering over a residence where it lowers a package of cookies to the ground with a small winch.

  • “We are the first council to delivery cookies by drone,” one of the Girl Scouts said in the video. She added that the new delivery partnership was “pretty awesome.”
  • “Drones are gonna’ help change our world — and Girl Scouts want to help that,” the Scout said.