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Microsoft is changing its default font, and you can help pick the next one

Microsoft is ditching the default Calibri font from its Microsoft Office products. It needs your help to pick a new one

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The logo of Microsoft displayed outside the headquarters in Paris.

This Jan. 8, 2021, file photo shows the logo of Microsoft displayed outside the company’s Europe headquarters in Paris.

Thibault Camus, Associated Press

Microsoft will soon change its default font for Microsoft Office products, but it is looking to pick a new one with your help.

What is the default Microsoft font?

Microsoft will soon ditch the Calibri font, which has been the default font of Microsoft Office products for 15 years, according to The Verge.

Next year, Microsoft plans to pick a new default font — but it won’t be one of the 700 different fonts that are already included in Microsoft Office. The company said it has created a new team to make five brand new fonts.

New Microsoft fonts, explained

Microsoft recently unveiled five new fonts it is considering as the new default. The five new fonts are all sans-serif styles.

  • Tenorite — This font has rounded letters that resemble the same font Facebook uses.
  • Bierstadt — The sans-serif font has simple block letters.
  • Skeena — This font has a mix of thin and thick aspects for each letter.
  • Seaford — This font emphasizes the differences between letters, giving writers a chance to recognize words and letters easier.
  • Grandview — This text gets its origins from a German road and hallway sign font. It’s mostly made for long-form reading.

What happens next?

Microsoft said the company will continue to review the fonts over the next few months. But you can start using them today through the Microsoft cloud and share your thoughts on them through feedback channels and social media, according to Microsoft.

  • According to Windows Latest, some fonts for Microsoft products already received some new fonts, which could be a sign for what’s to come.