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It looks like the common cold is back

Is the common cold back?

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Photo Illustration by Alex Cochran

The coronavirus pandemic had a tremendous impact on the common cold. We had to wear masks. We had to have confined social bubbles.

But the world opening up again, it looks like the common cold is coming back.

Per CBS News York, people have been suffering from the “reemergence cold” — the cold people are getting now that they’ve increased their social bubbles and have spent more time outside of quarantine.

Dr. Perry Halkitis, who works with Rutgers University, told CBS New York that there is indeed a “reemergence cold” going around that can make you sick — no matter your immunity.

  • “It’s a natural phenomena. People engaging with each other again, not washing hands, coughing on each other, interacting and spreading disease,” Halkitis said.

Some might even think this cold is a COVID-19.

  • “And people are starting to have panicked reactions right now,” Halkitis said.

COVID-19 symptoms ... but not COVID-19

Texas doctors said they’ve seen a number of patients who have shown COVID-19 symptoms but did not have COVID-19, as I wrote for the Deseret News.

Dr. Lon Young, the chief medical officer for CapRock Health System, told KBTX that this was to be expected.

  • “We may have other viruses that are more prevalent because we skipped a year of having those go through the community,” he said.