A high-rise residential building in South Florida collapsed early Thursday morning, killing one person and raising concern that there may be some people trapped in the wreckage.

  • One person died in the wreckage and 10 others were injured, per The Miami Herald.

Per People magazine, 99 people are still missing in the wake of the collapse. Search and rescue efforts are still ongoing.

What we know about the Miami condo collapse

The residential high-rise building — located in the South Florida community called Surfside — collapsed around 2 a.m. EDT. The building, which is about 12 stories tall, fell and left piles of rubble underneath it, according to CNN.

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  • “This is a horrific catastrophe. In the United States, buildings just don’t fall down,” Surfside Mayor Charles W. Burkett said, according to CNN.
  • Burkett said he was concerned there might be more people trapped under the wreckage, according to Fox 35 Orlando.

Why did the building collapse?

Roof work was being done on the building at the time of the collapse, according to Fox 35 Orlando. However, it’s unclear if the collapse was caused by the roof work.

  • “It looks like a bomb went off,” Burkett said, according to Fox 35 Orlando. “Buildings don’t just fall down like this. We just don’t have any answers right now but we’ll find them. We’ll get them.”

Rescue continues to find others

Rescuers immediately arrived at the scene. They saved at least one person from the debris. Rescuers also helped people leave the standing parts of the building.

Now, the rescue effort has started to find those trapped in the rubble, according to The Miami Herald. Officials said they expect more fatalities from the collapse.

“They brought dogs who can sniff for survivors in the rubble,” said Surfside Commissioner Eliana Salzhauer. “They aren’t turning up very much. No one is celebrating anyone being pulled out.”