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Welcome aboard Kim Jong Un’s party boat

It has waterslides. Yes, plural

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watches a military parade.

In this image made from video broadcasted by North Korea’s KRT, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, center, watches a military parade during a ceremony to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the country’s ruling party in Pyongyang on Saturday, Oct. 10, 2020.

KRT via Associated Press

Relaxing aboard a luxury yacht seems like a far-off dream for many of us — not so much for North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

  • Recent reports and satellite imagery show that the dictator may be enjoying his luxury yacht for the first time in multiple years, reported The New York Post.
  • The party boat was spotted near Kim’s Wonsan mansion compound along the eastern coast of North Korea earlier this week, reported NK News.

What is Kim Jong Un’s party boat like?

Kim’s Princess-brand luxury yacht is decked out with twin twisting waterslides, an Olympic-size swimming pool and a multistory lounge, per NK News.

The yacht was last seen at the Wonsan mansion in 2019 but returned to the mansion this week. The ship’s arrival coincided with days that Kim did not make any media appearances, reported The New York Post.

  • The timing suggests that Kim has been “chilling out” on the yacht or possibly recovering from sickness since the dictator has reportedly lost some weight recently, said The New York Post.
  • The “famously reclusive and rotund” leader has lost up to 44 pounds recently, according to The New York Post. Kim’s sudden slimness has fueled speculation about his health and his potential successor, who remains unnamed.

Kim’s family, friends or other trusted associates could be at the Wonsan mansion, which has previously hosted guests, per NK News.

  • Another smaller boat was docked at Kim’s Hodo Peninsula palace in early July. This palace is 10 miles up the coast from the Wonsan mansion, reported The New York Post.

What’s going on in North Korea?

While the leader of North Korea may be relaxing, the rest of the country does not have that luxury. Conditions in the country have seemed increasingly concerning in recent weeks, reported The New York Post.

  • The country is facing a food shortage due to failed crops, international sanctions and a strict COVID-19 lockdown, reported the Deseret News.
  • North Korea has continued to claim that it has zero coronavirus cases. However, last month, Kim admitted that the country faced a “grave incident” related to the pandemic, per Deseret News.