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The massive storm Henri battered New England. Here’s what happened

Tropical Storm Henri will be hitting New England, which is already threatened by Tropical Storm Fred

SHARE The massive storm Henri battered New England. Here’s what happened
New Bedford Emergency Management workers in New Bedford, Mass.

New Bedford Emergency Management workers wait for Eversource to cut the power to the power lines that were brought down by a tree at the intersection Burns Street and Carroll Street in New Bedford, Mass.

Peter Pereira/The Standard-Times via Associated Press

Tropical Storm Henri will likely strengthen into a hurricane as it rushes up the Western side of the Atlantic Ocean coast — but it remains unclear if it’ll hit New England.

Henri loses strength as it moves inland

Tropical Storm Henri lost a lot of strength as it moved inland and made landfall on New England, weakening into a tropical depression, The New York Times reports.

  • The storm still brought heavy rain and winds that exceeded 40 miles an hour.

Rain is expected to continue throughout Monday. The National Hurricane Center said all tropical storm warnings have been lifted for now, though, which is a sign that the storm’s strength has dwindled.

The storm left more than 140,000 people without power up the East Coast from New Jersey to Maine. Service has been restored in most locations, though, according to The New York Times.

Per CNN, utility crews are working to restore power to more than 56,000 people throughout the Northeast who lost power, though.

  • “Henri brought storm surge that flooded streets and powerful winds that tore down trees and power lines, complicating restoration efforts,” according to CNN.

Henri becomes a tropical storm again

Sunday, Aug. 22

The storm Henri became a tropical storm again after the storm made landfall in Rhode Island.

Henri becomes a hurricane as it heads to New England

Sunday, Aug. 22

The storm Henri became a hurricane over the weekend as headed toward New England, bringing heavy rains and strong winds to the Northeast.

Tropical Storm Henri may make landfall this weekend

Friday, Aug. 20

The Northeastern United States is readying for Tropical Storm Henri, which is projected to hit the area over the weekend.

  • Long Island issued a hurricane watch for the storm, which is expected to bring flooding rains and high winds to the area, according to CNN.

Tropical Storm Henri will likely make landfall on the coast of New England over the weekend.

  • Parts of Cape Cod in Massachusetts have issued hurricane watches, too, according to the National Hurricane Center.
  • “It should be noted that as Henri gains latitude and moves near New England, the wind field is expected to expand,” the NHC said. “Therefore, users are reminded to not focus on the exact forecast points as impacts will extend far from the center.”

Tropical Storm Henri surges for New England

Thursday, Aug. 19

Henri is a surging tropical storm located about 800 miles off the coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts, according to Weather.com.

  • The storm is sort of scattered right now, facing heavy winds and dry air. But there’s some expectation that the storm could shift toward the East Coast and batter New England.
  • Per Weather.com, the storm will head West toward New England, where it will face a decrease in wind shear (a situation where wind changes directions quickly), which will allow it to intensify into a hurricane.

When will Tropical Storm Henri hit New England?

Thursday, Aug. 20

Those living in New England will want to keep an eye on the storm as we head into the weekend, according to CNN.

  • “Swells from the storm could reach much of the east coast of the U.S. and Atlantic Canada by the end of the week and continue through the weekend. These swells could cause life-threatening surf and rip currents,” said Dennis Feltgen, public affairs officer at the National Hurricane Center, according to CNN.

New England faces Fred, a former tropical storm

Thursday, Aug. 20

Tropical Storm Henri is hitting the New England states at the same time as Fred, a previous tropical storm that was recently downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone.

According to CNN, parts of New England and New York saw heavy rainfall from the storm already. North Carolina faced the brunt of the storm in recent days with heavy flooding.

  • Still, states such as New York, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine all have flash flood watches as Fred continues to drop rainfall on those areas. It appears Fred will sync up with Henri, adding rainfall in the area.