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Gabby Petito’s father calls boyfriend’s silence ‘cruel and heartless’

Joe Petito has started a search for Gabby Petito so that they don’t need Brian Laundrie anymore

Joe Petito in an interview with the North Port Police Department in Florida.
Joe Petito has started a search for Gabby Petito so that the family doesn’t need Brian Laundrie anymore, he said
North Port Police Department

Joe Petito, the father of Gabby Petito, has spoken out about his missing daughter and her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie.

What happened to Gabby Petito?

Petito, 22, was first reported missing on Sept. 11. She had been on a road trip with her boyfriend, Laundrie, throughout the summer. Laundrie returned home to North Port, Florida, on Sept. 1 without Petito. He has since invoked his Fifth Amendment right and has not spoken about the case.

What Gabby Petito’s dad said about Brian Laundrie

Joe Petito, Gabby’s father, said he doesn’t really think about Laundrie right now. But he has an opinion on him and his parents that he doesn’t want to share.

  • “Anything I say here is not going to help me out there,” he said. “That’ll be later on. I’ll let the courts and society judge them. I already did my judgment. It’s not going to change.”

He said he wants Laundrie’s parents to know “that this is a serious issue and I wouldn’t wish them on them,” he told police.

  • “No matter what I’m going through right now, I still don’t wish this on them because it’s that horrible to deal with,” he said.

Joe Petito said Laundrie should be telling authorities anything he knows about the case.

  • “This type of behavior, it’s cruel. It’s heartless. If you did nothing wrong, and you genuinely did nothing wrong. ... I can only take this attitude as cruel and heartless,” he said.

What are they doing to find Gabby Petito?

Joe Petito's focus has been on the news. Petito said the media attention has been hard to deal with. But the media has worked as a distraction. He said he’s happy he hasn’t had to sit back and twiddle his thumbs while waiting for Gabby Petito to return home.

Joe Petito said his family has ventured off to Wyoming, knowing that’s the last known place where Gabby Petito was seen.

  • “We gotta start somewhere,” he said. “If we start now, it’s less we have to do when we pinpoint a better location. That’s how we look at it. What if we get lucky and we don’t need Brian anymore? We find her right now. We bring her home, she tells us what happened and we move on.”