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Russia’s latest supply for soldiers near Ukraine — blood

Russia’s military buildup outside of Ukraine has now added blood supplies to the mix, stoking fears an invasion is happening soon

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Ukrainian soldiers close to Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Ukrainian soldiers examine their tanks at a military unit close to Kharkiv, Ukraine, Monday, Jan. 31, 2022.

Andrew Marienko, Associated Press

Russia recently sent blood supplies to its military buildup outside of Ukraine, stoking fears that the Eastern European nation will soon invade its neighbor.

The news: Three U.S. officials told Reuters over the weekend that Russia’s expanded its buildup to include blood supplies and other medical materials that are often used to treat wounded military members and casualties.

Why it matters: “Current and former U.S. officials say concrete indicators — like blood supplies — are critical in determining whether Moscow would be prepared to carry out an invasion, if Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to do so,” according to NBC News.

State of play: Last week, the United States rejected Russia’s demand to keep Ukraine out of NATO, which was one of the biggest moments in the ongoing crises to date.

Next up: U.S. and Russia are set to discuss the Ukraine standoff at a gathering with the U.N. Security Council, according to The New York Times.

  • Americans will likely vow “to make the Russians justify their massing of troops on Ukraine’s borders,” per The New York Times.
  • Russia’s side will likely dismiss the meeting as theatrics.