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Crazy winter weather left drivers stranded on the highway overnight. Here’s how they survived

Drivers were trapped for hours on the Virginia interstate as temperatures fell overnight

Motorists stranded on Interstate 95.
Motorists sit stranded on Interstate 95 in Northern, Va., on Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022.
WJLA via Associated Press

Hundreds of drivers were stuck on Interstate 95 in northern Virginia overnight after a major snowstorm slammed the area, leaving people stranded on the roads.

  • The temperatures dropped overnight, causing melting snow to refreeze on the road.
  • Per Fox News, drivers turned off their engines and abandoned their vehicles to find shelter for the storm.
  • Some drivers were stuck in their cars for more than 15 hours, per WTOP-TV.
  • “Many drivers are out of gas. Some don’t have food or water. Some say they have kids, pets and family members with medical needs in the car,” per NBC Washington.

Dave Dildine, a traffic reporter for WTOP-TV, said the time on the highway made people beyond stressed about their well-being.

  • “Some callers were sobbing and scared,” he said. “Psychologically it is extremely distressing to be motionless on a highway for hours on end without knowing how much longer it will last.”

The Virginia Department of Transportation said that the highway would be closed in the Fredericksburg, Virginia, area as snowplows and tow trucks plowed the area.

  • “Motorists should plan to avoid travel on I-95 in this area until lanes reopen and significant congestion clears the area,” VDOT said.

Virginia Department of Transportation spokesperson Kelly Hannon told NBC Washington that the department is looking to help people as much as possible.

  • “We are getting to people as soon as we can. We understand the severity of the situation,” she said.