Thousands of Starbucks workers at over 100 locations across the United States are on strike today.

In what the Starbucks Workers United union is calling the “Red Cup Rebellion,” workers are picketing outside of Starbucks on Thursday for Red Cup Day in what the union says will be its largest single-day strike, NPR reported.

What is Red Cup Day?

Red Cup Day is an annual event in which Starbucks gives away limited-edition reusable red cups to customers who buy a holiday beverage.

It’s one of the company’s most profitable — and busiest — days of the year, according to NPR.

Union members will handing out their own red cups with the Starbucks Workers United logo on it at picket lines today.

Why are Starbucks workers striking?

The union is striking to protest recent union busting efforts from Starbucks, CNN reported.

Workers are also seeking contracts with the company that would guarantee consistent scheduling and staffing as well as better pay.

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Which Starbucks stores are on strike today?

A total of 112 Starbuck stores in locations across the United States have plans for a strike today, per The Washington Post.

Use the map below, provided by Starbucks Workers United, to see if your location will be affected: